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Donjoy ICEMAN Clear3 Cold Therapy Unit

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Donjoy ICEMAN Clear 3 Cold Therapy Unit

Ice therapy is a type of treatment that uses the coldness of the ice to reduce inflammation and pain; it is commonly used to treat sports-related injuries, such as ankle sprains, cramps, and strains. Donjoy ICEMAN Clear 3 Cold Therapy Unit is the latest cold therapy technology that is perfect for home use. It is easy to use and makes cold therapy an accessible treatment option.

Donjoy ICEMAN Clear 3 Cold Therapy Unit offers extended exposure to cold temperatures, speeding up metabolism and reducing swelling, sore muscles, and inflammation. The unit is ideal for individuals looking for a speedy recovery, especially for those who do activities prone to injuries. It delivers longer-lasting results as compared to ice packs because of the consistently cold temperatures it can provide.

Features of Donjoy Cold Therapy Machine

  • This cold therapy unit uses Donjoy's patented re-circulation system to help maintain a steady and accurate temperature as compared to other less competitive units
  • It comes with pre-set configuration
  • The unit features a clear, cool design that allows an easy refilling experience.
  • This is a self-priming unit, and it features a plug-n-play operation
  • It is exceptionally portable; therefore, it can be easily carried during travel

Design of Donjoy Cold Therapy Unit

Donjoy Iceman is made to prevent your muscle strain from worsening by reducing the swollen part and pain. It is also designed to speed up your recovery and rehabilitation to return to your normal activities. Additionally, DonJoy Ice Machine Unit is also ideal for injuries because it can help reduce the sensation of pain and slow down nerve impulses.

The ICEMAN Clear 3 is equipped with Donjoy's patented re-circulation system that helps to maintain the steady and accurate temperature you need in your recovery.  It has an adjustable temperature control knob, an auto shut-off feature, and a built-in timer that helps to keep track of the time spent using the cold therapy unit. This device comes with a pre-set configuration that you can use for the first time and adjust according to your preferred settings afterward. Also, the Donjoy Cold Therapy Machine is a self-priming unit that helps evacuate air in normal conditions to achieve the perfect temperature. 

Donjoy Clear 3 Unit has a clear, cool design that allows an easy refilling experience and is easy to use. It is a plug-n-play device that performs at its best all the time. Plus, this unit is portable for you to bring easily when you need it.

Benefits of Donjoy Ice Therapy Machine

Donjoy ICEMAN Clear 3 Cold Therapy Unit can be beneficial to everyone who wants to have a cool portable device that will help them in time when muscle strains attack. Listed below are the benefits of this Donjoy Ice Therapy Machine:

  • It helps reduce swelling and pain.
  • It is ideal for speeding up recovery and rehabilitation
  • You can enjoy extended cold therapy anytime you like
  • It can speed up your recovery or rehabilitation.
  • It has an adjustable temp knob to get the right temperature that you need.
  • It has a built-in timer for your monitoring.
  • It is easy to operate - User-friendly
  • It is made with the advance Donjoy's technology, ensuring it is safe to use.
  • You can choose from 6 packages, from basic units to units with additional pads.

Donjoy Ice Machine Additional Information

You can either buy the unit alone or choose from the following pad features for specific body parts:

  • Sterile (S)
  • Non-Sterile (NS)
  • Regular Hose (RH)
  • Extended Hose (EH)

How to Use the ICEMAN Clear3 Cold Therapy Unit

  • Fill the unit line with ice and cold water
  • Place lid on the unit and close it properly
  • Connect the Donjoy Iceman Clear3 hose to the cold pad hose
  • You will hear a slight click, indicating that the fit is snug and the connection is reliable
  • Insert one end of the cord into the connection port located at the back of the unit and plug the other end into a power outlet to turn the device on
  • Enjoy the time-tested performance!

Buy DonJoy ICEMAN Clear 3 Cold Therapy Unit

If you're looking for an affordable, portable, and advanced treatment option for your muscle strain, then check out our DonJoy ICEMAN Clear 3 Cold Therapy Unit. This device is an excellent choice for you to purchase; grab yours now and relieve yourself from pain!

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Get cold therapy to speed up healing process and to reduce swelling with Donjoy ICEMAN Clear3 cold therapy unit.

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