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Dr. Ho's MotionCiser

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Dr. Ho's MotionCiser

Your personal masseuse at home! MotionCiser uses passive motion exercise to help move joints. These movements will help loosen any tight muscles and joints in the lower leg. With 10 different levels of vibration and 5 temperature selections, it can help relax stiff muscles in the lower limb while keeping your feet warm and engaged. For those who spend long hours on their feet, those who suffer from cold feet, or those with limited mobility looking for gentle and soothing exercise for the legs and feet, MotionCiser can help! 

Dr Ho MotionCiser Features:

  • Passive motion exercise through gentle vibration. With 10 vibration speed levels, you can choose the intensity that works for you. The higher the intensity, the more your legs are engaged and exercised.
  • For those suffering from cold feet, the heating feature offers 5 different temperatures (ranging from 86°F to 122°F or30°C to 50°C) to help keep your feet warm while the vibrations massage your legs.
  • Limited mobility or spending long hours standing on the feet can take a toll on your leg muscles and joints. MotionCiser sends vibrations that can move up from the feet to the calves and knees to help reduce stiffness.
  • With the added heating element, MotionCiser can also help with soothing and massaging the leg muscles after an intense workout.

Sitting all day? Combat the Effects with Dr. Ho Motion Ciser

It's no secret that we spend a lot of our day sitting. This sedentary lifestyle can lead to increased risk of heart disease and other chronic conditions like obesity, diabetes and more. There are many ways to counteract this, from standing desks to just making sure you're getting up every hour or so to stretch your legs.

Exercising with MotionCiser is an easy way to stay healthy and active at home, without having to leave your living room. MotionCiser provides a low-level of passive motion exercise through gentle vibration. With 10 vibration speed levels, you can choose the level that best suits your needs and abilities. With the MotionCiser's adjustable arm and leg rests, you will be able to target your lower body and upper body respectively.

It's not uncommon for people to experience the unpleasant feeling of cold feet. The good news is, Dr. Ho's MotionCiser offers up to 5 different heating temperatures to fit your needs. Choose from low, low-medium, medium-high, high, or extra-high on this innovative device to help soothe the cold away.

Everyone's day-to-day lifestyle affects their overall health, and when these routines include limited mobility or long hours standing on the feet, it can take a toll on your leg muscles. This is when Dr. Ho's MotionCiser comes in handy. The revolutionary device provides relief from foot pain, leg cramps, and aching joints in a way that's safe and comfortable for anyone to use.

Dr. Ho's MotionCiser is a new, innovative device that has been designed to help individuals with periods of immobilization due to injury or rehabiliation. The device includes a heating element for added comfort, reducing muscle stiffness and soreness, as well as massaging the leg to reduce swelling. Dr. Ho's MotionCiser is an excellent way to keep the patient mobile without any added pressure on their injury.


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