DRI Sleeper Excel Bed Wetting Alarm -  AMG-760-550
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DRI Sleeper Excel Bed Wetting Alarm

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DRI Sleeper Excel Bed Wetting Alarm

Bedwetting alarms are widely recognized among the most practical and safest solutions for bedwetting treatment. The enuresis alarm is designed to teach children to respond to a full bladder by waking them from their bed.

The sensor attached to the alarm triggers the alarm to buzz and/or vibrate at the first drops of urine. With the proper use of a bedwetting alarm, a child can train to wake up as soon as the bladder is full or sleep through the night without urinating.

DRI Sleeper Excel Bed Wetting Alarm by AMG Medical has been proven successful in reducing and ending wetting of children and adults. A urine alarm is often recommended for people who have problems with bedwetting, as it can help them get up and use the bathroom before they wet the bed.

Features of DRI Bed Wetting Alarm

  • Dual-sided sensor: detects urine on both sides of the sensor
  • Sensor alarm clips to the shoulder of pajamas
  • It has nine sensing strips on each side of the sensor to maximize detecting urine.
  • Loud alarm set to a frequency that is perfect for deep sleepers
  • 85 cm Long cord for kids of all size
  • Flexible plastic sensor: easy to clean and does not rust

Benefits of DRI Sleeper Excel

The alarm is attached to a small clip-on detector that detects moisture and ties to the outside of any close-fitting undergarments for boys or girls. No metal clips or snaps to come undone during the night. Bedwetting solution has Sensor contacts these are within the clip, so skin contact or sweating will not activate the alarm. The alarm produces the identical sound constantly until the sensor is removed, allowing you or your child sufficient time to effectively respond to the alarm.

Urine alarm has sound, vibration, and flashlight that can wake your child up from your deep sleep at the time of your first drop of urine. The alarm rings at around 98 decibels and the frequency of the alarm is set at the resonant frequency of the ear which is most practical for alerting the brain. Bedwetting solution comes with 4 x 1.5V LR44 'button' batteries that will last up to a year and therefore shouldn't need changing during the standard treatment duration.

Buy DRI Bed Wetting Solutions Today

Bedwetting alarm is an effective tool for helping children stop bedwetting. They are relatively inexpensive, easy to use, and have a high success rate.

Halo Healthcare offers you a wide range of bed wetting alarms to ease your lifestyle; check this site for more items that are worth buying.

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