Drive Medical 3" Foam Seat Cushion | UPC: 10822383247196
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Drive Medical 3" Foam Seat Cushion

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Drive Medical 3” Foam Seat Cushion

Sitting for longer periods of time can feel uncomfortable and painful, regardless of gender or age. However, you cannot stop sitting, so to minimize the risk to your health and protect your body, the best thing you can do is use a Drive Medical 3” Foam Cushion. Even though we spend most of our time sitting, the materials we sit on are not designed to support a healthy posture. Spending too much time on a chair will squeeze the hips, misalign the pelvis and spine, and make you adopt a permanent lounging or slumping position.

The Drive Medical 3” Foam Cushion will help you adopt a better, natural posture, making you less prone to chronic pain. Good posture is essential to make you feel happy, healthy, and attractive. Moreover, regular seats are known to restrict blood flow to the pelvis, legs, and back because of the compression. This means that your tissues and muscles will not receive as much oxygen as required and will have a hard time passing metabolic waste.

The Drive Medical 3” Foam Cushion, however, is made of soft, premium-quality memory form that will always keep you comfy. Quality foam feels great despite sitting for long hours. It conforms to your body shape while providing proper support. Combine the luxurious squishy-yet-firm Drive Medical 3" Foam Cushion with its jacquard zipper cover and design, and you will feel pure ease and comfort. You can sit on the floor using the cushion as an added support or simply place the cushion on your regular chair.

Seat Foam Description

  • Designed for the ultimate seating comfort
  • Durable, machine washable
  • Made from soft, premium quality memory foam
  • Comes with jacquard zippered cover

Chair Cushion Foam Specifications

  • Product Specification 18" x 16" x 3"
  • Model # RTL14910

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