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Drive Medical Cane Holder and Strap

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Drive Medical Cane Holder and Strap

There never seems to be a convenient place to put down a cane. From public benches to seats in restaurants, you often have to tuck your rod away in a difficult-to-reach place before using it again.

There's no need to go through the hassle of stressing your body to use a cane anymore. Cane holders are a smart and simple way of keeping your mobile device on-hand and ready to use without straining yourself or requiring assistance. Clamp and strap your cane holder to any table, chair, or even bench, and you can freely and independently maintain your journeys using a cane.   

You don't get more innovative than Drive Medical as far as mobility goes. Each item on their mobility and assistive product lines is designed to enable people to live better, more fulfilling lives without losing independence. Whether it's a custom color cane or a wheelchair with a different set of specifications, Drive Medical has a unique solution for almost any wellness or mobility barrier.  

Cane Strap Features

  • Easily attaches to most canes
  • Allows your cane to hang from any table in your home, restaurants and when traveling

Imagine waking up in the morning, reaching over to your bedside table, and standing without assistance or strain. Using the Drive Medical Cane Holder and Strap combo, you can leave your cane upright and ready to use in any situation.

Before bed or at the dinner table, all you have to do is place your cane holder on the edge of the table. Afterward, thread the cane through the clamp at the top. You'll be amazed as your cane practically defies gravity in its upright position while mounted on any flat surface.  

Cane Holder Benefits

Cane holders and straps can be a great help for those who use canes. They are designed to make using a cane easier and more comfortable. Cane holders attach to the cane and keep it in place, while straps go around the user's hand and provide extra support. Both of these accessories are available for purchase today.

Straps to The Wrist  

If you struggle with talent, it can be difficult to mount or unmount your cane from its holder. By adding a strap to your cane, you can quickly recoup and grip the handle of your cane before it even has a chance of tipping toward the ground. In combination with a Drive Medical Cane Holder set, you can keep your cane in a vertical position and easy to grab at all times.  

Adheres and Holds  

The Drive medical Cane holder is made to hold on without falling over. Each cane holder is lightly counterweighted and features a soft adhesive pad on its underside. This provides the cane holder with additional support, allowing you to keep your cane upright the entire time it's mounted.  


You never have to struggle with holding a cane again, no matter where you are. The Drive Medical Cane Holder and strap sets are small enough to fit in your pocket, purse, or bag, giving you the luxury of keeping your cane upright on the go. Just take it out of your pocket and apply it to the nearest flat surface whenever you're ready to take a break!  

Buy Cane Holder and Cane Strap Today

The cane holder and strap can be a lifesaver for those who need assistance walking. The strap attaches to the cane and wraps around the user's waist, providing extra support and stability. The cane holder can also be helpful, as it keeps the cane close at hand and prevents it from getting in the way. Both the holder and strap are available for purchase today, so be sure to get your hands on one before you need it!

Healthcare offers a wide variety of cane tips and accessories to prevent pain and other discomfort. More medical products that can help ease your daily living are available; check them now and see which suits your need.

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