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Drive Medical Crutch Accessory Kit

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Drive Medical Crutch Accessory Kit

Sprains and fractures are widespread daily injuries, and while a single pair of crutches can go an incredibly long way, the tips and pads might gradually wear out. At certain times of the year, you might even need a different crutch style or a set of suggestions more suitable to the fall and winter weather conditions.

With a Drive Medical Crutch accessory kit, you can find an appropriate set of replacements for your crutches which should last more than long enough to recover from a surgery or injury. Drive Medical is one of the top Canadian home and professional health and wellness brands.

Their broad selection of mobility products and accessories allows you to have a different, tailored experience suited to your needs every time.

Crutch Accessory Kit Features:

  • Tan set contains : 1 pair Underarm Cushions (8.5"x0.87"), Hand Grips (4"x0.75") and Tips (0.87")
  • Grey set contains : 1 pair Underarm Cushions (7.87"x1.5"), Hand Grips (3.75"x1.5") and Tips (0.87")
  • Crutch Accessory Kit provides essential accessories for use with a standard-issue crutch.

Revitalized Comfort

A broken leg or fractured ankle can take months or even as long as a year to heal, which might require more frequent use of crutches. As you wear a grove in the armpit pad, it might become stiff and uncomfortable or chip away, and the rubber feet might even crack or chip by the end of their lifetime.

You can use the Drive Medical Crutch accessory kit to restore your crutches to their original comfortable state. The feeling of a fresh new hand-grip and a rubber foot will have you forgetting the aches and pains caused by worn-out crutches or your initial injury.

Shock Absorbing

Our bodies are equipped with a complex system of joints, cartilage, bone, and muscle to take on the impact of exercise. These natural mechanisms aren’t exactly found in a pair of crutches, but a couple of Drive Medical Crutch accessories aim to provide you with a similar experience.

The under-armpit pads are hollowed, so as you walk, they gently compress toward the hard surface of the crutch, providing you with relief from the sensation of direct contact. Additionally, the feet are equipped with a similar mechanism, featuring internal discs that prevent the crutch from penetrating soft ground like grass or carpet.

Included in Crutch Accessory Kit

When you’ve finally worn through the padding on the top of your crutches, and they’ve begun to peel and flake away, you may consider using the Drive Medical Crutch accessory kit. Each kit comes in tan or grey and comes with a set of underarm cushions, hand grips, and tips that will extend the lifetime of your crutches long enough for a successful recovery.

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