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Drive Medical Drive Full Electric Low Height Bed


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Drive Medical Drive Full Electric Low Height Bed 

If you are looking for a hospital bed that offers both low height and the ability to configure the castor location, then the Drive Medical Electric Low Height Bed is perfect for you. This bed is perfect for those who need easy access to the bed, such as those who are wheelchair-bound. Additionally, the castor location can be configured to "roll at any height" or "roll at low height only". This flexibility allows you to customize the bed to meet your specific needs. 

Drive Electric Hospital Bed Features 

  • Roll at any Height: 14.81" (376mm) to 22.83" (580 mm) deck height 
  • Roll at Low Height: 11.81 (300 mm) to 19.83" (504mm) deck height 
  • Quiet, convenient, full electric operation provides smooth position change w/easy-to-use Hand Pendant control of Head/Foot Section positioning and overall height of the bed frame for maximum comfort and versatility for the patient or caregiver 
  • Height-adjustment and Head/Foot deck motors come pre-installed on the foot section no assembly required 
  • In the event of power failure, top mounted Hi/Lo crank accessibility and manual crank motor override of sleep surface adjustments 
  • Easy-to-transport and set up, Bed ships in two cartons 
  • Channel frame construction provides superior strength and reduced weight 
  • Reinforced frame resists twisting and bending 
  • Long lasting Zinc-coated spring deck for Patient comfort 
  • Heavy-duty bed ends with durable HD Polyethylene Molded Bed End covers are attractive, easy-to-maintain 
  • Headboard is taller than footboard to blend with home décor 
  • Labels and color-coded springs help ensure accurate installation of side rails for patient safety 
  • High performance workhorse muscle of the 3-motor power plant is an industry standard 
  • Motor is UL Approved, Bed is manufactured in ISO9001 & ISO13485 facility 
  • Satisfies applicable FDA entrapment guidelines 
  • Extension kit available (model #15005EXTKIT-L) extends length from 80" to 84" 
  • Patient Weight Capacity 350 lbs. (158kg). Total Weight Capacity 450 lbs. (204kg). Includes occupant, mattress, rails, trapeze, accessories, personal effects, etc. 

Design and Benefits of Electric Bed 

The Drive Medical Full Electric Low Height Bed comes with height adjustment and head foot deck motors pre-installed on the foot section so there is no assembly required. This bed is perfect for people who are looking for a comfortable place to sleep or relax. The height adjustment motor allows you to easily adjust the bed to the perfect height, and the head foot deck motor provides extra comfort and support. 

In the construction of a channel frame, two sheets of metal are bent into an "I" shape and then welded together at the seam. This creates a very strong frame that is also lighter weight than a traditional bed frame. The Drive Medical Full Electric Low Height Bed is constructed with a channel frame, providing superior strength and reduced weight. 

The reinforced frame of the Drive Medical Drive Full Electric Low Height Bed resists twisting and bending, making it a sturdy option for any home. The bed's low height makes it easy to get in and out of, and its quiet motor ensures a peaceful environment. With a weight capacity of up to 350 pounds, this bed can accommodate users of all sizes. 

The Drive Medical Drive Full Electric Low Height Bed is easy-to-transport and set up. The bed ships in two cartons and can be assembled in minutes by one person. The bed frame is made of lightweight aluminum for easy transport and setup. The mattress support is a steel grid that is adjustable to accommodate any size mattress. The head and foot boards are removable and reversible, so the bed can be used either as a low-height bed or a standard height bed. 

A spring deck is a key part of any hospital bed. It provides the patient with a comfortable surface to sleep on and helps to distribute their weight evenly. Traditionally, these decks have been made from wood, which can warp and rot over time. Now, Drive Medical has come up with a new zinc-coated spring deck that is much more durable. This deck will last for years without any signs of wear and tear, ensuring that patients receive the best possible comfort during their stay in the hospital. 

Drive Electric Bed Specifications

Roll at Low Height 11.81” (300mm) to 19.83” (504mm) deck height
Roll at any Height 14.81" (376mm) to 22.83” (580mm) deck height
Unit Dimensions 36" (.914m) (W) x 88" (2.24m) (L) | Overall Sleep Surface 36" W x 80" L
Weight 169 lbs

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