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Drive Medical Flex N Go Cane

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Drive Medical Flex N Go Cane

You know, there are all kinds of canes out there. Tripod tipped, quad tipped, Ice-picks, and claws are just a few of the common cane-tips out there, and each of them is made to suit a different need. To take on the challenge of creating a cane that has combines the features of each Drive Medical Came up with the Flex-N-Go Cane. It comes with the comfort and quality of other styles and has an added feature of its own.

Looking for some extra support today? No problem! Drive Medical has mobility solutions that will keep you supported and comfortable regardless of your age or physical condition.

Collapsible Cane that keeps you supported

There simply hasn’t been a cane like this. Similar to a claw or quad-tipped cane the Drive Medical Flex-N-Go is made to keep you supported at a wide range of angles. As you put gentle pressure on the ground and lean into your cane, you have more support than ever because of the multi-directional spring-loaded tip.

Dropping your cane on the ground can be a terrifying experience. If you’re not able to bender over or get on hands and knees to pick it up, a friend or family member might have to give you a hand. Luckily, the Drive Medical Flex-N-Go cane doesn’t fall over. -- That’s right, these canes spring-loaded tripod base keeps your cane standing for as long as it’s resting on an even surface.

Drive Walking Cane Features:

  • Soft grip handle relieves stress and pressure on fingers and wrist
  • Newly designed tip is removable without tools, for easy replacement
  • Cane base with 3 feet, pivots in any direction providing added security and traction.
  • Height adjusts for use by most individuals
  • 3 point base allow the cane to stand on its own
  • Tip flexes and swivels to maintain contact with the ground when the cane is at an angle, providing superior balance
  • Conveniently folds for easy storage

360 Degree Coverage 

It’s not every day that you can support your weight from any angle. Thanks to the tip on the base of the Drive Medical Flex-N-Go cane you can gain additional strength and leverage as long as it’s tilted toward the ground. Push down and rise up from floor level to standing! The tip is even able to spin, so if there are any obstacles to dodge on your way up, you can maintain a grip on it the entire time. 

Continuous Weightbearing 

The purpose of a foldable cane is to take on the load of weight that you would normally put on your foot. When you use a classic style of cane or one with an alternative tip, the weight is all distributed directly to where it meets the ground. The Drive Medical Flex N Go is similar, but the flexible end does something the others don’t. You can tilt your foldable walking stick toward the ground, place two hands on it and push down as you walk yourself to a higher position, or even rest it flat on an angled surface such as a hill while maintaining leverage.

Get the most out of your cane and start living when you use the Drive Medical Flex N Go!

Walking Cane Specification:

Handle Height 32.5" X 39.5"
Number of Height Adjustments 8
Weight Capacity 300 lbs

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