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Drive Medical Inflatable Vinyl Cushion

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Drive Medical Inflatable Vinyl Cushion

Did you know that sitting in your seat for long periods can be hazardous to your health? It has been shown that sitting for hours on end negatively affects the cardiovascular system, so it is essential to take a break from sitting. The Drive Medical Inflatable Seat Cushion helps alleviate the pressure from the buttocks and hips while positioning your body upright. Ultimately, an inflatable seat cushion may be the break your body needs. 

As leading manufacturers of home wellness products, Drive Medical seeks to empower people with comfortable and assistive devices that enable them to maintain their independence and live fuller healthier lives. With products ranging from wheelchairs, comfortable cushions, and safety railings, just about anyone can find a means of maintaining their health and independence! 

Inflatable Vinyl Cushion Features

The Drive Medical Inflatable seat cushion aids with posture by providing your back with support from the bottom up. By preventing constant pressure on the tailbone and hips, you can reduce your risk of hip injury or chronic soreness.

Additionally, sitting in an elevated position allows your legs to naturally hang in front of your chair, keeping them in a posture-correcting and circulation-promoting position on any chair. 

Many people use inflatable cushion ring to provide support for their backs. These cushions are also called air cushions or bubble cushions.

The Drive Medical Inflatable Seat Cushion is constructed with soft vinyl material, so it conforms under your bottom and legs, which makes them feel more comfortable. People with sensitive skin may enjoy air cushions, as they're less likely to become a source of irritation. 

Inflatable Cushion Ring Benefits 

Inflatable vinyl cushions are designed to provide increased comfort and support for users. This can be especially beneficial for those who suffer from back pain or other medical conditions that cause discomfort.

Aids Posture and Aids Circulation 

Sitting upright in a posture-friendly position can be achieved with a Drive Medical inflatable seat cushion. You are sitting up straight, and keeping your spine in alignment aids in maintaining the strength of core muscles along your back. A bonus of improving your posture is taking fuller breaths, enhancing your circulation. When your back is in a better alignment, it allows for more space around your diaphragm muscles. 


The donut-shaped ring design is meant to keep you cool while sitting. The hole at the center of the ring allows for air to circulate your bottom, preventing an undesirable buildup of moisture around your chair. 


Take comfort and better health with you on the go! The Drive Medical inflatable seat cushion can be filled in as little as minutes, making it highly portable. Between uses, your cushion can be deflated and folded up so you can pack it anywhere. Put your pillow in your purse or backpack and experience comfort whenever you're in need. 

Buy Drive Medical Inflatable Cushion

Add extra seating or a place to rest your head while you are camping, at a picnic, or just relaxing outdoors.

Healthcare offers a wide variety of seat cushions to keep your spine in alignment. More medical products that can help ease your daily living are available; check them now and see which suits your need.

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