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Drive Medical Mayo-Instrument Stand

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Drive Medical Mayo-Instrument Stand

Mayo stands are portable instrument stands with a tray on top that are used to hold surgical instruments and materials during procedures in the operating room and in the office.

In the late 1800’s a family under the surname of “Mayo” opened an important clinic In the world of medicine. The mayo Clinic eventually went on to be one of the most important non-profit medical organizations in the United States. At some point in the interesting history of their organization, the sons of the Mayo founder, William and Charles, invented two medical devices that are still regularly used today. As pioneers in the world of surgery, they managed to create both the Mayo Scissors, and the Mayo Tray.

Mayo stands are equipped with trays and are often made of a surgical stainless steel, allowing surgeons to keep their equipment sterile between uses.

Mayo Tray Benefits

In an operating room, Mayo stand tray is an essential part of daily procedures. Between the use of each surgical instrument, one would typically rest it upon the top of a Mayo instrument stand to keep items safely organized between usage.

The Drive Medical Mayo stand is incredibly convenient and fully portable. Lay down your scalpels, clamps, or mayo scissors between use for later cleaning. Each tray comes fully adjustable ranging from heights of 29 ½” at the lowest bottom and 47” at its maximum. The main component, or the tray has dimensions of 19”x13”, allowing you to hold as many of your tools as you need in a single session. When and if you run out of space, don’t worry—the tray is fully removable and can be replaced in as little as seconds thanks to its simple locking technology.


What isn’t better on wheels? With the Drive Medical Mayo-Instrument stand, you don’t need to move, because your tray can be brought directly to you. The locking caster wheels glide across the operating room with ease during those tough operating room moments. For the highest level of convenience in operating room instruments, a portable instrument stand is the way to go.

The assembled stand additionally has an incredibly low weight of 11lbs, making it incredibly easy to move, wheels or not.

Durable Stainless Steel

Worried that your device might bend or break if it’s overloaded? With the Drive Medical Mayo-instrument stand there isn’t a lot that it can’t hold, thanks to its highly durable stainless steel. If the stand were any other material than stainless steel the tray or supportive post would likely bend from pressure. You can easily place each of your operating instruments down without a chance of any bends or breaks.

Mayo Stand Features:

  • Casters provide additional mobility and convenience
  • Removable stainless steel tray measures 19" x 13"
  • Tray height adjusts from 29 ½"– 47" with lock

Medical Instrument Stand Specifications:

Base Dimensions 21" (W) x 21" (D)
Height 29.5" - 47"
Tray Dimensions 19" (W) x 13" (D)
Weight 10 lbs.

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