Drive Medical Otter Pediatric Bathing System -  DRI-OT
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Drive Medical Otter Pediatric Bathing System

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Drive Medical Otter Pediatric Bathing System

Drive Medical Otter Pediatric Bathing System is the cutest but the handiest thing to get for your child. It makes bath time all the easier and is really easy to choose.

It is made with a plastic frame fabric that can be easily removed and washed in the machine. You can also remove the seat of the system, so your child is sitting on the floor of the bathtub but as the back of the chair to lean on for support. The legs of the chair are slip-resistant, ensuring that your child is safe while happily splashing around in the water.

Otter Bath Seat

You can adjust the back and seat according to your needs, making sure your child is secure and comfortable during the bath. You can adjust the angle of the seat and back with just one hand while the other one is occupied with making sure your child is safe.

The hand and leg straps can also secure your child while you are washing their hair or getting something from the shelf. We all know the scary moment while washing a child’s hair, fearing that the soap will enter the eyes; the head strap can make it easier to ensure that no soap ever goes in your child’s eyes ever again!

The Drive Medical Otter Pediatric Bathing System folds neatly, making it great for easy and low-space storage. It is a revolutionary product that makes it 10 times easier for you to bathe your child.

Drive Otter Bath Chair Features:

  • Durable plastic frame that is easy to clean and remove
  • Removable seat and fabric
  • Adjustable seat and back angle for comfort
  • Slip-resistant legs, ensuring safety
  • Fold neatly, perfect for storage
  • Secure straps for easier bath time
  • Standard Fabric: Vinyl covered nylon dries easily (Figure B)
  • Soft Fabric: Polyester knit fabric includes a trunk strap to assist in lateral support
  • Removable positioning straps can be placed anywhere along the length of the frame
  • Leg straps control abduction and adduction
  • Adjustable slip-resistant legs raise chair up to 7"

Otter Bathing System Specifications:

Overall Outside Width 17"
Seat Dimensions 14.5" (W) x 2"-7" (H)

Otter Bath Chair Dimensions:


Product Seat DepthProduct Back Height

Product Outside Overall Length

Product User Height

Product Weight

Product Weight Capacity

Small   13" 18" 32" Up to 36" 11 lbs. 60 lbs.
Medium   13" 25" 37.5" 32" - 50" 12 lbs. 120 lbs.
Large 16.5" 32" 48" 46" - 68" 14 lbs. 160 lbs.

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