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Drive Medical Portable Shower Arm Bracket

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Drive Medical Portable Shower Arm Bracket

Showering is a time to decompress and enjoy the warmth and comfort provided by your tap. When you use a shower-aid product such as a support railing, or bench, it can be challenging to adjust your showerhead to accommodate your lower position. Improve the overall quality of your life; a Drive Medical Portable shower Arm Bracket can easily be adjusted and positioned so that you can enjoy the everyday comfort of your shower. 

Drive Medical products make life easier for home care patients and their loved ones. They offer shower aids such as a portable shower head, bath seats, and safety rails to make bathing easier for those in need. They also provide a diverse range of mobility products that can renew your overall wellbeing through their continuous support. 

Shower Arm Support Bracket Features

  • Flip-up tabs allow for easy installation and removal
  • Allows shower head to be placed where needed.


Living a busy and eventful life can be difficult when you don't have access to the same comfort of your home shower. Luckily, you can take the Drive Medical portable Shower arm Bracket anywhere. Whether you're staying with family or visiting a resort on vacation, you can still find the same relief of showering at home. 

Comfort at Any Angle 

Not all shower bars and benches are built the same. Some are made to run along the front of your bathtub or shower, allowing you to ease in from the outside, and others span the center so you can sit directly under the stream. Because of the diverse range of different needs a person may have, the Drive Medical Portable Shower Arm Bracket can stick anywhere, providing you with a sense of relaxation during your shower. 

Reduces Slips and Falls 

The slipperiness of bathtubs and showers may be why you needed a reachable alternative in the first place. One of the highest leading causes of home injuries is slips and falls in the tub. With a portable shower arm bracket, you can avoid those problematic reaches altogether and continue to have a safe hygiene experience. 

Shower Head Arm Support Bracket Design

The Drive Medical Portable Shower Arm Bracket is an attachment that can be repositioned virtually anywhere, allowing for a safer and easier shower experience. By removing the need to reach the higher, already-mounted stand for your shower head, you can significantly reduce the chance of slips and falls while using a shower chair, bar, or other assistive devices. 

This portable showerhead attachment features a stand that can be quickly stuck to the wall and just as easily removed. The freedom of being able to mount your shower head anywhere means you can relax and enjoy the comfort of your shower regardless of your additional needs. 

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