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Drive Medical Rear Anti-Tippers 1 Pair/cs

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Drive Medical Rear Anti-Tippers 1 Pair/cs

A wheelchair on its own may not come equipped with the necessary safety features to participate in every event. If you’re a little bit more active and care to take part in sports, or other outdoor activities, the biggest risk of injury is tipping over or flipping in your chair. Preventing these sorts of incidents starts with using a set of anti-tippers, which are a pair of attachable legs that stop you from tripping and falling. 

Drive medical is known for its ingenuity in the world of mobility products. It’s quite obvious that they know wheelchairs enable people to have some normalcy in their lives, and living an active lifestyle may be part of it. Whether you’re in the midst of recovering from an injury, or you just need a little bit more safe excitement in your life, anti-tippers can make it possible.


  • Easy to install and provides stability.

  • This Drive Medical Rear Anti-Tippers with Wheels for Silver Sport 1 and 2, Rebel and Chrome Sport which prevents your wheelchair from tipping over.

  • 1.5" Tubing: The Drive Medical Wheelchair Anti-Tippers are meant to work with a Drive Wheelchair but may also be used with others. If your wheelchair has space for rear anti-tippers, they may be compatible. Read the description of your wheelchair found in its manual, or measure the tubing on the backside to ensure that it’s also the standard 1.5” tubing before making a purchase. 
  • Fully Adjustable: Depending on your needs, you can set your anti-tippers to stop you at the desired angle. With the push of a button, you can easily slide the tube to the desired height allowing you to control just how far the anti-tippers are going to go. Thanks to Drive Medical you can now lean back and regulate your center of gravity.


  • A single tip or flip over is one flip or tip too many. This set of wheelchair anti-tippers is compatible with both the Silver Sport and Chrome Sports wheelchairs, easily fitting into the pipes on the back of your wheelchair in as little as seconds.

  • Pushing a wheelchair uphill might already be a difficult or dangerous experience. The sheer amount of force it takes alone can put strain and stress on the body, and the lean forward to maintain balance can contribute. Instead of demonstrating the highly impressive feat while putting your body at risk, you can easily tip your chair back and gain additional support between pushing and breaking on a slanted surface.

  • When it comes to playing sports, the right pair of anti-tippers will be the talk of the team. Show off your ability to catch a ball on a tight trajectory by tipping back and getting a further touch and grip.

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