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Drive Medical Replacement Sponge for Offset Handle

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Drive Medical Replacement Sponge For Offset Handle  

You can get quite a bit of use out of a cane in very little time, and the gentle foam covering wears out along the way. As the wear and tear gradually settles in, canes can become more and more uncomfortable, eventually making it undesirable even to get up and walk. To remedy the issue of a tatter foam cane handle, you may consider getting a replacement through Drive Medical. Right now, you can get a cane replacement sponge that will breathe new life into your mobility.  

Maintaining your independence and wellbeing is as simple as shopping with Drive Medical. When your wheels are worn out, seat’s worn-in or your cane handle has begun to tatter; you can count on them for fast, easy solutions to renew your mobility products.   

Cane Foam Handle Features  

When the foam handle on your cane eventually breaks or becomes too worn for comfort, a Drive Medical Replacement can make it like new. Drive Medicals’ Foam handle replacement sponges attach at the top of the cane along the shaft, and they easily slide onto the handle while firmly staying in place. You can use this foam handle replacement with most canes; ensure that the tube size matches and yields a desirable comfort level.  

Foam Handle For Cane Benefits 

Cane Foam Handle benefits are many. The softer feel of the foam handle reduces stress on the hand and arm, especially for those who have arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. The foam also provides a non-slip grip. This is important, as a cane is often used for balance and stability, particularly when walking on wet or icy surfaces. Additionally, the foam absorbs shock, which can help prevent pain in the hands, arms, and shoulders.

Better for Grip  

As your cane handle nears the end of its life, it can be challenging to maintain a steady grip. Your hand may press or slide over the offset foam handle and reduce your overall stability as a result. A Drive Medical Foam Replacement Sponge is soft yet firm and improves your grip when you grab on to the new soft replacement material. You never have to worry about slips or dropping your cane again when you switch to a new cover.   

In addition to using a brand new foam grip, you may also consider attaching a wrist strap for additional safety and convenience.  

Optimum Comfort  

Mobility should always be comfortable, and when it isn’t, it may be time to make a switch. The Drive Medical Replacement sponge for offset handles provides you with the same comfortable experience as an entirely new cane. When the foam cover eventually wears out, our hands end up sinking into the hard metal below, potentially causing aches and pains while trying to walk. When you can lean into your cane with comfort, you can easily take longer strides as you maintain your lifestyle. 

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With its comfortable design, the cane foam handle is great for seniors or anyone who has difficulty gripping a traditional cane. Buy yours today!

Halo Healthcare offers a wide variety of cane tips and accessories to make your walk more comfortable. More more mobility aids that can help ease your daily living are available; check them now and see which suits your need.

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