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Drive Medical Universal Arm Sling

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Drive Medical Universal Sling   

Sprains, pains, ligament tears, and broken bones are just a few common injuries that may require the use of a sling. Slings are an old contraption designed to keep your arm in a rested, or immobilized state, preventing further injury, aches, or pains.

Although they all serve a common purpose, not all slings are alike, some are heavier and feature braces, and others are lightweight and serve as an immediate first-line of care to any standard arm or shoulder injury. The Drive Medical Universal Arm Sling happens to be a lightweight solution that can keep you supported before you even make it to a doctor or the emergency room.  

Taking care of injuries can be incredibly difficult. Drive Medical seeks to aid users in finding comfortable ways of resting and relaxing with injuries on the mend. Whether you’ve got a bad leg, broken hip, or an injured shoulder, Drive manufactures everything you need for self-care. Among their current injury-aids are canes, wheelchairs, crutches, or slings, each designed to help you comfortably take care of your body.  

Universal Arm Sling Design  

While dealing with a painful injury, the Drive Medical Universal arm sling is a perfect solution for your recovery. The main portion of the sling is made from a lightweight, breathable material, making it a comfortable alternative to its heavy-duty counterparts.

The sling is incredibly easy to adjust; simply adjust the flexible neoprene strap to customize its fit according to your needs. Topping off the Universal Sling features, you can use it with either the left or right arm, keeping everything from your shoulder to your hand in place.  

Universal Arm Sling Features:

  • Ideally sized for both adults and youths to fit either arm
  • Comes with an easy-to-use adjustable sizing strap

Lightweight and Breathable  

One of the most frustrating factors of keeping your arm in a sling is that the heavy-duty variety doubles as braces. These braces keep your arm wrapped or contained, yielding a sweaty and uncomfortable outcome. The Drive Medical Universal sling features an open design and is made from a lightweight material that breathes. Now your arm can stay relaxed and comfortable, especially when you pair it with a compression sleeve or breathable tensor.  

Machine Washable  

Felt and Velcro systems can be damaged in the washing machine, rendering some slings useless after a few washes. To help you maintain better personal hygiene, Drive Medical designed their Universal sling to be machine washable. This great universal sling is made from a lightweight, breathable cotton-poly blend that can run through your washing machine without any damage. 

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