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Drive Medical Vacu-Aide QSU Quiet Suction Unit

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Drive Medical Vacu-Aide QSU Quiet Suction Unit

Over the years, as medical equipment has drastically changed and advancements, loud and noisy devices have become a more frequent problem. As noise can be a source of stress to some patients, ICUs and ORs have been taking the noise levels of these devices into account and have made efforts to bring some of these alerting and alarming tones down to more comfortable levels.  

To remedy the issue of noisy hospital equipment, Drive Medical offers excellent new devices with more tolerable decibel levels. A few applications of making in-home and at-hospital equipment quieter include the Drive Medical Vacu-aide Quiet Suction Unit or even the Whisper Ultra-Bathtub Lift. Through their unique range of products, anyone can find quiet when needing a calming surgery or recovery.  

Vacu-Aide QSU Features

  • Vacuum adjustment allows for 50-550 mm Hg and a free flow of 27 liters/minute
  • Optional sealed lead acid battery for use up to one-hour operation
  • Meets American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) guidelines for neonatal, infant, child and adult homecare suctioning
  • Can return a patient to a state of comfort quickly – Meets ISO 10079-1:2009 high vacuum, high flow classification
  • Unit can be operated while inside the carrying case
  • Float shutoff on container to protect against overflow and integrated bacteria filter to prevent back flow
  • With more than 50% reduction in sound, the Vacu-Aide QSU is the quietest high flow/high suction portable unit on the market, making it a smart choice for patients from neonate to adult.

Safe and Highly Durable  

Before the Vacu-aide QSU was even on the market, it was subjected to a series of tests to ensure it could make it through the toughest of situations.

This suction unit withstands hard drops at varying temperatures and doesn't interfere with magnetic equipment or pacemakers. Overall, the Drive Medical portable suction machine is safe and can withstand incredibly tough situations.  

Portable Suction  

While it isn't entirely conventional to plug in a suction unit in a public place, the Vacu-aide quiet suction unit is easy to set up and highly portable. You can take this suction unit anywhere because it features a carrying bag out of the package.

It can be operated wherever there's a place for the plug-in. Additionally, this lightweight system is only six pounds, making it easy to carry on any occasion.  

Easy to Assemble  

Suction needs to be accessible at a moment's notice, so the Drive Medical suction machine is fast and easy to assemble. For each part of the machine, there's a diagram explaining how it can quickly be snapped together, allowing you to build the device in very little time. In as little as minutes, you can better prepare using a Vacu-aide QSU. 

Quiet Suction Unit Design 

The Vacu-aide quiet suction unit is highly versatile, portable, and easy to use. As a device that certifiably meets the AARC guidelines, this Drive Medical device can be adjusted for use with any age or body type. As one of the quietest suction units on the market, it's up to 50% slower, meaning it only reaches a maximum of 60 decibels, a comparable noise level to speech.   

The machine itself is sure to impress as it comes loaded with features. The inside of the unit is built with a fully integrated bacteria filter, making it easier to keep sterilized between uses. According to ISO guidelines and standards, the Drive Medical Vacu-Aid quiet suction unit maintains a reasonable flow rate as an additional safety precaution.   

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