Evolution Walkers

Introducing the Evolution Walker Series!

We love Evolution walkers for so many reasons.

Not only are they incredibly strong, they're also versatile and very easy to use.


Strength & Stability

One of the signature features of the Evolution series, is the arched design of the walkers frame.

This arch adds maximum strength and stability to the frame, so you can be sure that it will never let you down.

The Evolution series does a fantastic job at keeping overall weight down (so you can maneuver it more easily), but without compromising on strength and stability.

Here's a quick guide to the different models in the range and how much weight each can support:

Model Weight Seat Hight Seat Width Width x Length Handle Height Weight Capacity
Evo Regular DX 21lbs 23" 17" 21"x30" 30" - 38" 350 lbs
Evo Wide DX 22lbs 23" 21" 26"x30" 30" - 38" 400 lbs
Evo Low DX 20lbs 19" 17" 21"x30" 30" - 36" 350 lbs
Evo Low Wide DX 22lbs 21" 21" 26"x30" 30" - 36" 400 lbs


With a minimum weight capacity of 350lbs, the Evolution walker range gives you peace of mind, without compromising on maneuverability. 



Evolution Trillium Series Walker

$519.00 $399.20

Evolution Trillium Series Walker If you suffer from arthritic pain, shortness of breath, or any other medical or non-medical condition that limits your mobility range, buying a walker may be the right choice. It can help you carry on with daily...

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Evolution Xpresso Series Walker

$599.90 $539.95

Evolution Xpresso Series Walker The Xpresso, along with all Evolution walkers, was designed to be the strongest and most stable of all the center folding walkers on the market today. With cable-free brakes, soft waterproof rubber seat and unique folding...

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Evolution Xpresso Wide Series Walker

$749.80 $635.85

Evolution Xpresso Wide Series Walker Lightweight yet strong, centre-folding walker based on best-selling Xpresso line of walkers. With 16 patents in North America, the Xpresso walker wide’s unique features offer the best in stability and...

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