Cardio Machines

ERP Magnetic Exercise Pedal Exerciser


Magnetic resistance system. Extremely smooth and quiet operation. Fully automatic display indicates speed, time, calories consumed, distance and scan of all functions. Adjustable base for stability and storage. Height : 38"

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Mobb Healthcare

MOBB Pedal Exerciser

$69.99 $58.90

MOBB Pedal Exerciser  The Mobb Pedal Exerciser is great for an easy workout in the comfort of your home. Helps improve circulation, coordination, and muscle strength Easy to store and lightweight Can be used for legs or upper body...

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AMG Medical

ProActive Pedal Exerciser


ProActive Pedal Exerciser For an easy, impact-free cardiovascular workout in the comfort of your home! Very compact retail box: 460 mm x 80 mm x 340 mm (18.1" x 3.1" x 13.4") Improves circulation, coordination and muscle strength Ideal for beginners,...

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