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Yoga & Pilates Mats


Relaxus Yoga Block

$13.00 $9.99

Relaxus Yoga Block Relaxus Yoga Block provides stability and balance to help with optimal alignment. Allows poses to be adapted to any level of flexibility. Lightweight, resilient and comfortable to lean on. Product Benefits Provides stability and...

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Relaxus Blue Medi Acupressure Mat

$53.32 $41.99

Relaxus Blue Medi Acupressure Mat Relaxus Medi Mat brings pain relief by touching all of your body's acupressure points.  Features & Benefits: Relieves stress, allows for a deep sleep, and improves digestion allowing for weight...

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Relaxus Taj Meditation Cushion

$50.00 $42.99

Relaxus Taj Meditation Cushion   Relaxus Taj Meditation Cushion are handcrafted by artisans in India. Each Taj Meditation Cushion by Relaxus is authentic and provides a stable, comfortable seat for meditating. It can be easily stored or...

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Anti Burst Exercise Ball


Available in 3 different sizes: 55cm, 65cm, and 75cm Durable, anti-burst PVC construction Perfect for yoga, pilates, stretching, and more Strengthens overall body muscle Provides a total body workout

Firm Black Roller Axis 36"x6"


Our most firm, highest-density foam roller handles high-use demands of sports training, Pilates, fitness and physical therapy. Designed to perform in demanding sports medicine, physical therapy and high-use Pilates and yoga sessions, the roller with the...


FitterFirst Airex Fitline Mat


FitterFirst Airex Fitline Mat The FitterFirst Airex Fitline Mat provides a great foundation for exercising and rehabilitation routines.  Long lasting with no memory effect so it'll keep it's shape Flexible, versatile, and durable Perfect...

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OPTP Pro Roller - Standard


OPTP Pro Roller - Standard The OPTP Pro Rollers are profession quality foam rollers made with standard density durable EVA foam. Features & Benefits: Medium firmness Outperforms and outlasts other foam rollers Ideal for use at home, in...


OPTP Thera Cane Massager

$68.99 $59.95

OPTP Thera Cane Massager The OPTP Thera Cane Massager provides a deep massage in those hard-to-reach places. Features & Benefits: Self massage trigger points and sore muscles Helps to reduce chronic pain, throbbing, burning, and aches Six...

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Relaxus Eco Yoga Mats

$37.00 $29.90

Relaxus Eco Yoga Mats The Relaxus Eco Yoga Mat offers great cushioning and superior wet/dry grip. Comfortable and supportive yoga mat Eco-friendly compostable and recyclable construction Reversible two-color design Includes carrying strap Made of...

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