FitterFirst Classic Exercise Ball Chair -  FIT-FBCJ
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FitterFirst Classic Exercise Ball Chair


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FitterFirst Classic Exercise Ball Chair

(Frame not included. Must order separately)

Working out at home can be tricky as you can never be sure whether your form is accurate or not. However, with the help of easy-to-move, compact fitness instruments, you can ensure proper form and excellent results. The FitterFirst Classic Exercise Ball Chair is one such tool that can help you achieve your fitness goals faster by improving and maintaining your posture throughout all exercise circuits.

Made with high-performance PVC, this exercise ball chair is not only an excellent tool for a workout routine but also an active sitting option. You can use it as an alternative to your regular chair at work to correct your posture and enhance your core stability. Daily use of the FitterFirst Classic Exercise Ball Chair improves girdle strength and trunk stability. It's a high-quality fitness product that maintains its shape, providing maximum comfort and support to the user. It has burst resistance up to 286 lbs. (130 kgs), which means you can use it without the fear of puncturing it.

It's ideal for the health and fitness needs of people of all ages and fitness levels. Whether you are just starting out your fitness journey or you're already an expert exerciser, you can benefit from this topnotch exercise tool equally. The FitterFirst Classic Exercise Ball doesn't come with a pump, so the user has to arrange for that ahead of time. But once they get the ball pumped up, it will hold its shape for a long while without any air-leaking holes or precarious punctures that might cause an explosion. Buy the well-constructed exercise ball by FitterFirst today and enhance your physical wellbeing significantly.

Exercise Ball Chair Benefits

  • An ideal sitting alternative
  • Improves form during workouts
  • Strengthens the core and girdle stability
  • Enhances posture

Yoga Ball Chair Specifications

  • Brand: FitterFirst
  • Burst resistance: 286 lbs.
  • Static load rating: 1000 lbs

Balance Ball Chair Size

  • Yellow - 45cm
  • Purple - 55cm
  • Blue - 65cm
  • Silver - 75cm

Exercise Ball Chair Features

  • Perfect for everyone from seniors to professional atheletes
  • Regular use improves trunk and pelvic girdle stability
  • Burst resistant up to 286 lbs (see video below)
  • Static load rating of 1000 lbs
  • PVC construction allows for shape resilience
  • Use on it's own or with FitterFirst Chair Frame (not included)

Improve your posture and core strength with the FitterFirst Classic Exercise Ball Chair.

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