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Memory Foam Footwear

It is no secret that the world has gone barefoot in recent years, but when it comes to comfort, there are few things better than a good pair of memory foam shoes. Memory foam footwear not only provides a comfortable environment for your feet and toes, but also supports the arch of your foot and relieves pressure on your heel and ball of your foot.

New Level of Comfort

One of the most notable developments in footwear technology has been the introduction of memory foam. Memory foam is a type of material that provides an entirely new level of comfort, and while it is mainly used in beds, mattresses, and pillows, this innovative material is now being introduced to footwear. Memory foam shoes and slippers are designed with a special form-fitting cushioning system that conforms to the shape of your feet every time you take a step.

Compression Socks

An increasing number of people are wearing compression socks to reduce swelling and pain. These type of socks are generally made from a material that is elastic and fibers that are embedded with plastic coils, rubber bands or thread. They are designed to stimulate blood flow throughout the body, improve circulation and reduce pain. The socks come in many different sizes, colors, designs and patterns so they are easy to find for both men and women.

Compression Socks Features

Compression socks are a type of garment that is designed to be worn around an individual’s leg, bringing the muscles and tissues closer together, which in turn reduces muscle vibration and the risk of muscle damage. This helps with recovery from an injury or if a person has been sitting for a long period of time. Compression socks also help with blood flow by squeezing the veins and increasing circulation. All these benefits lead to less fatigue and improved athletic performance.

Dr. Segal's

Dr. Segal's Diabetic Socks

$20.00 $13.95

Dr. Segal's Diabetic Socks  Diabetes is already hard enough to deal with on its own. Even with a clean and controlled diet and the right medication, complications related to diabetes can seemingly come out of no-were. Wh. When those complicated...

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Dynarex Double Tread Non-Slip Socks


Dynarex Double Tread Non-Slip Socks Are you situated in a place where you have to be careful not to slip on the floor? If so, you're going to love these Dynarex Double Tread Non-Slip Socks! They have two sets of treads on top and a bottom that help keep...

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Australian Sheepskin Apparel

Australian Sheepskin Apparel Heel Protectors (pair)

$165.00 $138.95

Australian Sheepskin Apparel Heel Protectors (Pair) When your heel scrapes against the back of an uncomfortable shoe, it can cause excruciating pain and sometimes even severe issues such as bleeding and blistering. Therefore, it is essential to protect...

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IMAK Arthritis Socks

$45.99 $37.95

IMAK Arthritis Socks IMAK Arthritis Socks are a unique and innovative product that has been designed to improve the lives of people with arthritis. These socks use advanced compression technology to help relieve pain and inflammation in the feet and...

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Foamtreads Jewel 2 Ladies Slipper

$68.00 $55.00

Foamtreads Jewel 2 Ladies Slipper  A classic! The Jewel to our collection! This style is our best seller with it's adjustable hook and loop strap it has stood the test of time. Available in medium and wide widths and a variety of colors and prints...

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Venosan Athletic Performance Socks-Unisex

$60.55 $48.50

Venosan Athletic Performance Socks-Unisex Do you suffer from foot pain? Do your feet always feel like they are in a state of torture after working out? Then, you need to try Venosan Athletic Performance Socks! These socks will help reduce foot pain and...

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Foamtreads Regal2 Men's Slipper

$78.00 $60.00

Foamtreads Regal2 Men's Slipper The King of our slipper collection.  Regal has been in the line since Foamtreads started back in 1957!  This style is a timeless top seller - with it's velour upper and twin gore styling it will continue to...

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