Hand Supports

Hand Supports

Hand supports are medical devices to help people who have weakness or spasticity in their arms.

Hand supports are also known as arm splints, because they can be set up to immobilize the user’s arms while still allowing them to use the device.

Hand Supports Benefits

Hand supports allow the user to grasp or hold items without having to use their extremities that are limited.

This type of assistive device is beneficial for people who have trouble using objects with their hands, such as people with pain in their hand joints, arthritis, stroke survivors, and people who need devices to help them stand up.

For example, people with disabilities may also be able to grip items more easily if they use a hand support.


ProCare Metacarpal Splints

$32.00 $23.95

ProCare Metacarpal Splints ProCare Metacarpal Splints features padded aluminum splint that provides the required support.  Metacarpal Fracture Splint Features: Ideal for phalangeal, Ulna, Radius and Metacarpal fractures. Metacarpal Brace...

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ProCare Plastic Finger Splint

$7.00 $4.20

ProCare Plastic Finger Splint If you have an injury to your hands and find it difficult to use conventional splints as they are bulky and uncomfortable to use; then you may want to try ProCare Plastic Finger Splint as an alternative. This finger splint...

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Airway Surgical

Airway Surgical OTC Resting Splint Glove

$51.20 $41.20

Airway Surgical OTC Resting Splint Glove The Airway Surgical OTC Resting Splint Glove is made of flexible materials that allow them to contour to the hand and come in various sizes so users can get the right fit they need. It may also be used to...

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