Hollister Karaya Powder Puff Bottle 2.5 oz | UPC 00610075176359
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Hollister Karaya Powder Puff Bottle 2.5 oz

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Hollister Karaya Powder Puff Bottle 2.5 oz

Skin barriers and urostomy/ostomy pouch are the primary tools in taking care of your stoma. But your skin around your stoma can be weak and sensitive, which might irritate you in the following days. Hollister Karaya Powder Puff Bottle 2.5 oz is the best solution for that problem; this product will make your skin withstand the ostomy outputs.

Karaya powder is a traditional medicine from Africa used to treat a variety of ailments for centuries. It has been gaining popularity as a natural stoma treatment in recent years. Karaya powder is made of the dried pods of the Karaya tree and contains high antioxidants, which are thought to help improve the conditions of the skin and mucous membranes. 

Features of Hollister Karaya Powder

  • Convenient "Puff" bottle
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Easy to apply
  • No side effects
  • Natural treatment
  • Peristomal skin protection

Design of Hollister Stoma Powder

Hollister Karaya Powder Puff Bottle 2.5 oz comes in a convenient puff bottle that makes application quick and easy; puffing allows aeration of powder into your skin around the stoma. The Karaya Powder has no side effects, is safe to use, and has an anti-inflammatory property that can help reduce pain and inflammation. It is also made to absorb any moisture from broken skin around the stoma or peristomal skin and keep the area around your stoma dry.

Our Hollister Karaya Stoma Powder was designed to protect raw and weeping skin by creating a sticky gel on the applied area. The skin barrier will adhere perfectly without irritating your skin with this Hollister stoma powder. It is also a natural hydrocolloid treatment with unique skincare properties that provide your skin with a comfy feeling. 

Benefits of Hollister Ostomy Powder

Hollister Karaya Powder Puff Bottle 2.5 oz can benefit ostomies who need support or treatment for their peristomal skin, which is safe and natural. Listed below are the benefits of this ostomy powder:

  • It can be used sparingly to absorb moisture or exudate from the skin before placing a skin barrier on peristomal skin.
  • It can be used with an ostomy wafer or skin barrier
  • It will protect you from irritating fluids and bacteria
  • It allows for better barrier adhesion to help protect the skin
  • It can reduce skin inflammation.

Buy Hollister Karaya Powder Puff Bottle 2.5 oz

Are you worried about your peristomal skin that has irritation, inflammation, and problem with putting skin barriers? Worry no more!! Hollister Karaya Powder Bottle 2.5  oz is here for you to take those worries away. You will never go wrong buying this treatment for its features and benefits are the exact solution to your problem. So place your order now!!

Halo Healthcare offers a wide variety of ostomy creams and wipes to make you safe and comfortable even with a stoma. Product available here are all from trusted brands that guarantee their effectiveness. So grab those that you need and add them to your cart now!!

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