Incontinence Care & Therapy

Incontinence Care & Therapy

Many people feel embarrassed about their incontinence, but it's a common problem that can be dealt with. A variety of different treatments are available for incontinence, from medicines to surgery options.

It is important to know your options before seeking out a professional opinion. A medical consultant who specializes in the treatment for incontinence may be able to help you decide where to start.

Incontinence Care Solutions

The condition can be caused by a number of factors such as pregnancy, childbirth, prostate cancer treatments, and bladder or colon disorders. As the population ages, it is important to realize that this issue is one that will affect many people in the future and it should be taken seriously now.


NannoCare NannoDry Bladder Protection Pads


NannoCare NannoDry Bladder Protection Pads Bladder Protection Pads Features Ultra-soft and absorbent Natural bladder health improvement Unscented odor and leak control 100% certified organic cotton Biodegradable plastic packaging Unisex No...

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AMG Medical

DRI Sleeper Excel Bed Wetting Alarm

$189.99 $152.90

DRI Sleeper Excel Bed Wetting Alarm Bedwetting alarms are widely recognized among the most practical and safest solutions for bedwetting treatment. The enuresis alarm is designed to teach children to respond to a full bladder by waking them from their...

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NiteTrain-R® Bedwetting Alarm

$172.99 $136.95

NiteTrain-R® Bedwetting Alarm Nite Train-r® wearable alarms have been redesigned to be even more reliable. They are gender specific and come with moisture sensor pads which are uniquely shaped to fit a boy’s or girl’s anatomy to...

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Attends Guards for Men - 16 pack

$16.00 $11.99

Attends Guards for Men Attends Guards for Men are an Excellent option for post-surgery Super absorbent polymer locks fluids in the core and helps prevent odour Sizes are unisize (one size fits all) Suitable for light incontinence level Available by bag...

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