Invacare Great Seat Riser - Round INV-B255A | UPC 9153657802
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Invacare Great Seat Riser

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Invacare Great Seat Riser

The Invacare Great Seat Riser helps add height to your toilet seat without requiring additional attachments or hassle.

Invacare is an industry leader when it comes to medical equipment for people who are impaired or have issues with mobility. Their chairs and transportation mechanisms are world renowned and are trusted by many attendants and hospitals.

The Invacare great seat riser is a recent addition to their list of medical equipment and can make your toilet convenient for everyone. The seat riser comes without the hassle most patients suffer with traditional seat risers and is easy to install.

Seat risers are usually placed on top of a toilet seat to help people with posture issues out. The convenient seating means that they don’t have to bend over anymore for doing something as simple as answering nature’s call.

Toilet Seat Riser

The Invacare great seat riser adds 3 inches more to the height of your toilet seat, and takes the pain that goes into bending before the actual process easier. The seat riser is easy to install and can conveniently be used without a problem.

All you need to do is attach the Invacare great seat riser with the existing seat and lid inside your home. Once attached, the seat riser should be checked whether it is stable and comfortable. Once the adequate checks have been made, you are all set to use your seat riser in a manner that you would want to.

The seat riser can take up weight of up to 300 lbs and is perfect for senior citizens and people with spinal impairments.

Raised Toilet Seat Features

  • Extremely easy to install on the top of your toilet seat
  • Can be secured to the current seat and lid
  • Two piece design
  • Comfortable and stable
  • Adds 3 inches to the current height of your toilet
  • Weight capacity of 300 lbs

Round Raised Toilet Seat

  • 14.5" x 17.75"
  • Opening: 9.5" x 11.5"

Elongated Raised Toilet Seat

  • 14.25" x 20.25"
  • Opening: 9.5" x 14"

Get the height you need without compromising your comfort with the Invacare Great Seat Riser.


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