Low Air Loss Mattresses

Low Air Loss Mattresses

It's been nearly 50 years since Low Air Loss Mattresses were first used in Middlesex, England. Those 50 years have resulted in much development and innovation to the extent that use correctly, these mattresses can minimize and in many cases prevent the development of pressure ulcers (aka bedsores).

Low Air Loss Bed Features

It depends on the low air loss mattress chosen but essentially the technology built into these mattresses is twofold. Firstly, these mattresses have air tubes that alternately inflate and deflate to mimic motion of the body and distribute pressure from one area of the body to another. or better said distribute pressure evenly to the body. Secondly, to prevent the build up of moisture these mattress have tiny air holes in the surface that provide slight ventilation to wick away moisture.

The two main factors to consider when buying a Low Air Loss Mattress are air chambers (support distribution) and pumps (the blowers).  

Drive Medical and Invacare have been leading innovators in the development of Low Air Loss Mattresses and have many models to chose from.