Mattresses Features

A mattress is a large, usually rectangular pad that is used to support a person who is lying down. It is intended to be used as a bed or as part of a bed frame. A quilted or similarly fastened case, usually made of heavy cloth, may contain materials such as hair, straw, cotton, foam rubber, or a metal spring framework. Air or water can also be used to fill mattresses.


Mattresses are typically made to meet market-specific bed sizing standards. In terms of width, height, and depth, mattress sizes vary according to national standards. To represent these dimensions, many countries use non-numerical labels such as "King," "Queen," "Double," "Full," or "Single."

Mattress for Back Pain with Mattress Toppers and Accessories

Having proper a comfortable, supportive mattress can make or break a good night’s sleep. The wide selection below provides you with just the right support catered to your needs so you can wake feeling refreshed.

Therapeutic Mattresses

All the mattress options below promote spinal and skin health. There are several alternating pressure mattresses from Mobb, Invacare, and Drive Medical that prevent bed sores and pressure ulcers as you sleep.

By dispersing weight from specific areas and even alternating pressure points, these mattresses help keep your skin healthy. Lying in the same position night after night with your weight settled in one area can cause bed sores and ulcers. This selection of mattresses help combat this issue.

Mattress Protectors for Added Comfort

The many mattress protectors available don’t just keep your mattress clean, but protect you as well.

You can reduce stains using a waterproof mattress protector, which can also help preserve the mattress so it will last longer. The mattress protectors can also help prevent allergies and protect you from bed bugs while providing an additional layer of comfort and support.

Supporting Mattress Accessories

There are various accessories available to enhance your comfort and keep your body happy and healthy.

The underpads and sheet protectors go a step further for protecting your bed and mattress from leakage. There’s also a selection of bed pads that act as another layer of cushion and support to help prevent uncomfortable bed sores and ulcers.

Drive Medical

Drive Medical Quick 'N Easy Comfort Mattress

$315.00 $269.95

Drive Medical Quick 'N Easy Comfort Mattress  The Quick and Easy Comfort Mattress fits any standard-sized bed and provides superior comfort to people with any number of ailments. If you suffer from back pain, have limited mobility, or are...

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Mobb Healthcare

Mobb Alternating Bubble Mattress

$160.00 $139.95

Mobb Alternating Bubble Mattress The Mobb Alternating Bubble Mattress is designed for the treatment and prevention of pressure sore stage 1 and in-home therapy.  The Bubble Mattress consists of two parts: the mattress and the pump. The pump...

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Mobb Healthcare

MOBB Bed Protector Pads


MOBB Bed Protector Pads Are you looking for a multipurpose product that can be used to protect both your bed and other furniture from stains and spills? Well, you have come to just the right place! MOBB Bed Protector Pads are an excellent choice for...

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Drive Medical

Drive Medical Therapeutic 5 Zone Support Mattress

$520.00 $459.95

Drive Medical Therapeutic 5 Zone Support Mattress In a hospital or other medical environment, there are often patients who need to spend most of their time in bed to ensure a safe and successful recovery. When a person spends enough time in bed, they...

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Mobb Healthcare

MOBB Fitted Mattress Protector


MOBB Fitted Mattress Protector The MOBB Fitted Mattress Protector comes with several benefits. It helps reduce stains, prevent allergies, provide protection against bed bugs and provide additional comfort. The first benefit that this mattress protector...

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Priva Ultra Sheet Protector 34" x 36" - Handles

$44.00 $39.50

Priva Ultra Sheet Protector 34" x 36" - Handles The Priva Ultra Sheet Protector keeps sheets dry all night. Goes over the bottom sheet to protect mattress AND sheets from moisture and staining. Bed Protector Sheet Features: Protects sensitive skin...

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Invacare Solace Prevention 3080 Foam Mattress

$499.00 $445.00

Invacare Solace Prevention 3080 Foam Mattress Enjoy comfort of the highest order with the Invacare Solace Prevention 3080 Foam Mattress. Benefit from heel slope, dual layer fortress cut foam and a lot more with this mattress. The Invacare solace...

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Drive Medical

Drive Medical Premium Guard Gel Overlay

$450.00 $369.95

Drive Medical Premium Guard Gel Overlay Pressure ulcers can have extremely negative consequences for patients. For this purpose, an optimized medical mattress combined with a gel overlay is essential. The Drive Medical Premium Guard Gel Overlay helps...

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