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Medela Maternity, Nursing and Pregnancy Pillow

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Medela Pregnancy Pillow

If you’re pregnant, nursing, or plan to be soon, you know that a comfortable place to rest your head and body is key; and that’s where the Medela Maternity and Nursing Pillow comes in.

Prenatal nurses and doulas often recommend this maternity pillow, for it supports your head and neck and helps distribute your body weight evenly so that you can get the best possible sleep. Whether you’re at home or in the hospital, this pregnancy body pillow is a must-have for a comfortable night’s sleep. 

The Medela Maternity and Nursing Pillow is an excellent device for any new mom-to-be or nursing mom. The pillow helps keep both the mother and the baby comfortable by providing support for the baby’s head and body while also giving the mother some much-needed relief from back pain. Additionally, the pillow can be used to position the baby while breastfeeding, making it easier for both mom and baby to get comfortable.

Features of Medela Maternity and Nursing Pillow

  • Versatile 
  • Removable, 100% pure cotton and hypoallergenic
  • Filled with soft EPS micro-pearls - light and noiseless
  • Grey star design
  • Size: 170cm x 32cm

Design of Medela Pregnanct Pillow

Medela Maternity and Nursing Pillow is a unique pillow that helps you relax throughout your entire pregnancy, as your needs may change as you progress. It provides the perfect amount of support for pregnant mothers who are tired of having to adjust their sleeping position every few hours because they have back pain from being so uncomfortable. 

It is a versatile pillow as it can be used during pregnancy, after birth, and even while breastfeeding your baby or pumping out milk. It is one of the best maternity nursing pillows that have been designed with your comfort in mind. It is designed to help maintain your posture while feeding, helping to reduce back pain and improve your breastfeeding experience. 

They are soft, supportive, and have a body-hugging design that fits most bodies. 

Medela’s pregnancy pillow is designed with soft, breathable micro-pearls that help to keep you comfortable during rest. It is lightweight and noiseless perfect for pregnant women who are sensitive to noise, uncomfortable with heavier pillows or just prefer something lighter. The micro-pearls are dispersed throughout the pillow so that when you lie on it, they won't clump together.

This Medela Maternity and Nursing Pillow is designed to be moon-shaped to provide full-body comfort and support. It is made of 100% pure cotton and is hypoallergenic, ensuring it is safe for the mother and the baby. Its gray starry cover is also removable for easy laundering to keep your bedding fresh and clean. 

Benefits of Medela Pregnancy Body Pillow

The Medela Maternity Nursing Pillow is one of the most popular and beneficial pieces of maternity and nursing aids. Here are just a few benefits of using this pillow:

  • It relieves pressure on your back, neck, and head from sleeping on your side or stomach.
  • It helps prevent flat head syndrome by keeping the baby’s head elevated.
  • The soft, contoured material supports your neck and spine while you sleep.
  • The nursing pillow can also be used as a positioning aid for breastfeeding mothers.
  • It helps keep your head and neck in a comfortable position while you are feeding, which can help reduce pain and inflammation. 
  • It provides a safe haven for pregnant mothers to rest their large abdominal area and comfort for new mothers during the first month or two after birth when nursing and resting can be difficult.

Buy Medela Maternity and Nursing Pillow

Looking for a comfortable pillow to use during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and pumping? Look no further than the Medela Maternity and Nursing Pillow. This versatile pillow can be used throughout your pregnancy and nursing process, making it a great choice for any mom-to-be. The pillow is made with soft materials that contour your body, providing maximum comfort while you sleep. Plus, its sleek design will look great in any nursery or room. So why wait? Order your Medela Maternity and Nursing Pillow today! 

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