Medical Tape

Medical Tape

Medical tape is a highly useful tool in the medical field. It is often used to help maintain bandages, secure dressings, and provide support for joints. It can also be found in non-medical settings for use with everyday household projects.

Medical Tape Benefits

Medical tape benefits by assisting in the treatment process of wounds and injuries, acting as a stabilizer for joints when undergoing rehabilitation, and providing protection for sensitive skin when working around rough surfaces or treating burns.


Leukotape P by BSN Medical

$15.99 $11.95

Leukotape P High Adhesive Rigid Strapping Tape Leukotape P is a high strength rigid strapping tape, with a strong zinc oxide adhesive which is most effective in knee taping.  Knee taping for stability can be achieved through knee taping techniques...

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BSN Medical Leukotape K - 5m x 5cm

$24.99 $19.99

BSN Medical Leukotape K  Leukotape K is a kenesio tape (medical tape) that supports muscles and joints while maintaining range of motion.  The various colours and widths can be designed in multiple layouts depending on the support needed. BSN...

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BSN Medical

Lightplast Pro Elastic Athletic Tape - Case

$151.44 $114.40

Lightplast Pro Elastic Athletic Tape Versatile elastic adhesive bandage for all-purpose taping and strapping of ankles, knees, wrists and hands. The unique fabric backing of Lightplast® Pro is made of a cotton/spandex blend which helps it conform to...

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Renfrew Athletic Tape 1" by Sportfactor


Renfrew Athletic Tape ProGrade Athletic Tape supports muscles and joints while also limiting motion. This tape is made of 100% cotton and has a zinc oxide coating that is skin friendly. Pair it with foam underwrap for added cushioning. Renfrew Athletic...

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Compex Kinesiology Tape


Compex Kinesiology Tape Relieve pain, increase blood circulation and provide structural support to joints and muscle movements with Compex Tape.This high quality cotton tape has an acrylic adhesive layer and can be worn for several days. It is latex free...

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BSN Medical

Tensoplast Athletic 10cm x 4.5m Roll - 16/Box

$180.00 $165.95

Tensoplast Athletic 10cm x 4.5m Roll - 16/Box  Tensoplast is an elastic adhesive tape which is suitable for medium support or compression. Superior stretch and regain provides firm, controlled compression and support. The porous adhesive helps...