Mepilex Absorbent Foam Dressings 4" x 4" - Box of 5 -  MOL-294100
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Mepilex Absorbent Foam Dressings 4" x 4" - Box of 5

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Mepilex Absorbent Foam Dressings 4" x 4" - Box of 5

Absorbent foam dressings are a type of wound dressing placed on a wound to help absorb water and fluids. One of the best wound dressings you can have is the Mepilex Absorbent Foam dressing; it offers many features that help manage a wide range of wounds, from minor cuts to more severe injuries. It works by trapping water and other liquids near the wound site and helping to reduce swelling.

Mepilex Absorbent Foam Dressings are a convenient and straightforward way to manage wounds and injuries. Each box of 5 dressings has 4" x 4" pads made of absorbent foam. The dressings can be applied directly to the wound, and they will help protect the injury from further contamination and infection. 

Features of Mepilex Absorbent Aqua Foam Dressing

  • It features a unique and patented Safetac adhesive 
  • Skin-friendly
  • It is easily conformable and highly absorbent
  • It features a polyurethane foam pad and backing film.\

Design of Mepilex Dressing

Mepilex Absorbent Foam Dressings 4" x 4" - Box of 5 are designed to protect wounds from leakage and excess fluid accumulation. It is made of a soft and conformable foam that absorbs wound fluid (exudate) but keeps your injury sufficiently moist. It features a unique and patented Safetac adhesive, ensuring you can change your dressing without damaging your wound or skin around it, making it as pain-free as possible.

Mepilex Absorbent Foam Dressings are an innovative and practical wound care, offering a simple and effective solution to manage fluid drainage. The foam pad and backing film provide a comfortable, absorbent surface that helps prevent moisture and bacteria from building up in the wound. It also makes sure that the skin around your wound stays dry and healthy.

Mepilex Absorbent Foam Dressings are easily conformable and highly absorbent, making them ideal for use on wounds and injuries where rapid absorption is desired. 

It is designed with a low risk of skin irritation and allergy; it is also made from a hydrophilic polymer that absorbs fluid and dissipates heat, which helps to protect the skin from further injury. It is easy to apply and remove, making it a great addition to your medicine kit.

Benefits of Mepilex Absorbent Foam Wound Dressing

Mepilex Absorbent Foam Dressings are a type of wound treatment worn over the wound to absorb excess fluid and help prevent infection. They can effectively treat assorted kinds of wounds, including those from surgery, accidents, or burns. Mepilex dressings also have several other benefits, such as reducing pain and inflammation, promoting healing, and protecting the wound from further damage. 

Specifications of Mepilex Absorbent Wound Dressing

  • Dimension: 4"x4"
  • Material:  Absorbent Soft Silicone and polyurethane
  • Color: White
  • Shape: Square
  • It comes in a box of 5
  • Suitable for: Leg and foot ulcers, burns, pressure ulcers

How to Apply Mepilex Foam Dressing

  • Clean the wound area
  • Remove the release film
  • Mepilex should overlap the wound bed by at least 2 cm onto the surrounding skin
  • Apply the adherent side to the wound
  • Do not stretch
  • When necessary, secure Mepilex with a bandage or other fixation.

Buy Mepilex Absorbent Foam Dressings 4" x 4" - Box of 5

Looking for a reliable wound dressing? Mepilex Absorbent Foam Dressings may be what you need. These dressings are made with a patented adhesive and foam technology, making them very effective at absorbing fluid and preventing infection. Additionally, these dressings are comfortable to wear and easy to place and remove, making them ideal for long-term use. So, better get yours now and experience faster and more comfortable healing!

Halo Healthcare offers a wide variety of absorbent wound dressings to help you manage your wound by absorbing large amounts of exudates while still providing protection. More wound care products are available here; browse more to see what else can aid your needs and add them to your cart!

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