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MOBB Crutch Comfort Air Cushion

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MOBB Crutch Comfort Air Cushion

Heal faster with less repercussions using the MOBB Crutch Comfort Air Cushion. Do you need crutches to heal and make it through your day, but the pain and discomfort from the upper crutch pad makes it nearly impossible to tolerate?

Luckily you can alleviate unnecessary pain caused by ordinary crutch pads. The crutch comfort air cushion painlessly encourages speedier healing and rehabilitation.

How To Use Crutch Comfort Air Cushion?

The crutch comfort air cushions ensure efficient rehabilitation through seamless construction and installation. Their innovative design allows quick set up with simple instructions. To use the air cushions, you simply locate the air valve, insert the included hand pump, and add air! This doesn’t take long at all either; it should only take about seven pumps if using full length piston travel.

Not only does the discomfort fade, but it doesn’t take much to set it all up. Once the cushion is inflated, you just need to close the valve and push the cushion over the crutch pad. After these quick and simple steps, there’s no need to deflate or reinstall so you can go about your days without a daily set up impeding you. The quick installation of the crutch comfort air cushion allows you to put more focus on resting, restoring, and rehabilitating.

How Crutch Cushions Reduce Healing Time?

Crutches are supposed to provide the opportunity to mend, unfortunately their poor padding often slows healing instead. The novel design of the MOBB crutch cushions guarantees comfort and reduced healing time. Normal, plain crutches put pressure on the armpits and chafe surrounding areas which dissuades proper crutch use that in turn slows the healing process and, in the end, causes extra, prolonged pain and discomfort.

By placing the crutch comfort air cushion over this inadequate padding, your compliance towards rehabilitation increases because it reduces armpit pressure and discomfort so you can use your crutches as originally intended and heal faster with no pain. This won MOBB the 2018 Most Innovative Product Award. Worried about these cushions adding rather than subtracting comfort? Unease is understandable considering the immense discomfort of regular crutch padding, but these air cushions are the most comfortable on the market.

The crutch comfort air cushion brand MOBB combines function and leading-edge design to enhance their customers’ quality of life. They are committed to fulfilling consumers’ needs with cost aware solutions without sacrificing quality. The MOBB Crutch Comfort Air Cushion is designed to effortlessly keep you comfortable so you can rest and heal.

Crutch Pillows Features

  • 2018 Most Innovative Product Award winner
  • Most comfortable
  • Hand pump included
  • Reduces discomfort and pressure on armpits
  • Reduces healing time
  • 300 lb weight capacity

Underarm Crutch Pads Instructions

  • Locate air valve; insert pump
  • Using full length of piston travel it should take about seven pumps
  • If pad is too firm, release air by squeezing valve
  • Remove pump, close valve and ensure it is pushed into the pad
  • If valve cover is not completely pushed down air leakage could occur
  • Place cushion over upper crutch pad and push down ALL the way
  • Attach with Velcro-like strap

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