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MOBB High Visibility Safety Scooter Bag

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MOBB High Visibility Safety Scooter Bag

When you walk into a bike shop or sporting goods store, there will be shelves stacked with brightly colored cloth products under the “reflective” label. These products are designed to aid travelers, joggers, hikers, etc. to be more noticeable to oncoming people and traffic in low light.

When you think of cars, they don’t need the reflective surfaces as they have in-built tail lights and headlights to do the job for them. For instance, if there was a car too close to yours, you can shine the lights and let the person behind you know.

However, most wheelchairs don’t have that feature. Even if a person was to shine the light in their direction in the dark; it could be hard to make them out as most wheelchairs are made of dark materials.

In this case, people using wheelchairs can add a reflective material to be more noticeable. The MOBB High Visibility Safety Scooter Bag is just the right product. With that bag attached to your wheelchair, you can easily join your loved ones on ventures that take you traveling in the dark. With the bag, you’ll not just be easily visible but also have a place to store your essentials.

Reflective Scooter Bag Features

  • The yellow material used for the pouch has a high visibility. Whether you’re out and about in the daytime or night, you will be more visible to people around you.
  • The scooter bag has a reflective X shaped marked at the front, especially for nighttime visibility. Oncoming traffic lights can shine off it, letting people see you.
  • The scooter back has a large pocket that closes with Velcro and can be used for storage, making the product dual purpose.
  • Neoprene front panel stretches for comfort and universal fit. You can use the bag with most wheelchair models and designs.

Worried about not being seen while on your scooter? The Mobb High Visibility Safety Scooter Bag can help with that!


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