Mobb Raised Toilet Seat with Legs
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MOBB Raised Toilet Seat with Legs

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MOBB Raised Toilet Seat with Legs

For those who have complete control of their body’s mobility, performing Activities of Daily Living (ADL) is second nature. Ingrained in our brain and body’s muscle memory, we get around easily without any troubles.

However, certain body ailments that come with aging, degenerative disorders or surgical or injury trauma can create bottlenecks. Limited physical mobility can even make something as simple as using the toilet a challenge.

Raised toilet seats have been monumental in making toilet use easier for such people. Additional height on the regular toilet seat allows people to sit and get off the bowl much easier. They don’t have to bend too low and risk chronic back or lower body pain.

The MOBB Raised Toilet Seat with Legs not only adds height but also provides stable handles to help users stabilize themselves. Unlike traditional raised toilet seats, this model is sturdier as it is supported by strong legs.

You simply place the seat over your toilet and tighten the clamp at the front to the toilet bowl. Once the frame is locked in place, you can adjust the height to 18.5” or 21” as needed. While the raised seat prevents the need to stoop low to access the bowl, the padded handles on the sides offer a comfortable grip to stabilize your body.

Elevated Toilet Seat with Legs Features  

  • It offers a very stable platform compared to regular Raised Toilet Seats (RTS).
  • The twist clamp on the front helps lock the frame to the toilet bowl, ensuring the seat doesn’t slip or move when being used.
  • Foam rubber handles provide a strong grip, allowing people to steady themselves while getting on or off the toilet seat.

Toilet Seat Riser with Legs Specifications

  • Height-adjustable frame 19" - 23"
  • Tool-free assembly avoids the need for assistance to install the seat.
  • 300lbs weight capacity.

If you're looking for a sturdy and height adjustable toilet seat, the Mobb Raised Toilet Seat with Legs is a great solution!

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