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MOBB Raised Toilet Seat

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MOBB Raised Toilet Seat

MOBB Raised Toilet Seat aids in getting on and off of a toilet seat with ease.

Raised Toilet Seat Features

  • Side clamps and front lip for a secure fit
  • Longer opening than conventional toilet seat designs
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Available in 3 sizes: 2", 4", 5" (5" is slightly different style)

The Mobb Raised Toilet seat is great for those who have knee problems, arthritis, or have undergone surgery.

For able-bodied individuals, using the toilet every day usually goes without any struggles. There is not much to think about. However, there are many people out there who do face challenges when using the standard toilet.

Old age, surgical procedures, and certain health conditions can cause mobility issues that make using regular toilets difficult. Joint pain may prevent bending down on low toilets an issue, requiring help whenever a person has to visit the toilet.

Mobility issues for the elderly and disabled individuals may cause pain in the joint when trying to use a low toilet. On the other hand, hard toilet seats can be very uncomfortable for people with hip joint issues. This can also make using the toilet painful for people recovering from hip surgery.

The MOBB 4” Raised Toilet Seat can resolve all of these issues. Designed to help people be comfortable when answering nature’s call, the seat raiser features an ergonomic design and other features that make toileting easier.

Elevated Toilet Seat for Regular Use

Regular toilets, while perfectly suitable for regular use, can be too low for some people. Using them requires the physical effort of bending the knees and back. For elders and people with joint problems, this can make toileting difficult.

The MOBB toilet seat raiser adds additional height to the seat, raising it so you can sit without bending too much. This particular seat adds 4 inches of elevation. The seat fits most standard toilets, making it versatile to use.

Comfort with Lifted Toilet Seat

The toilet seat is constructed out of high-quality, high-density foam. Not only does this provide elevation, but also comfort and support. The high-density foam has a weight capacity of 300 lbs, viable for people of all shapes and sizes.

The materials used in the seat are highly durable. The vinyl coating of the foam is easy to clean and long-lasting. Four hook and loop straps make the installation easier, providing stable elevation.


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