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MOBB Ring Cushion


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MOBB Ring Cushion

People suffering from a serious lower back or tail bone injury can really benefit from the MOBB Ring Cushion. It provides additional support while seated and helps alleviate the stress of the injured areas. It is particularly beneficial for those with an incredibly sore lower back.

Donut Cushion

Long work hours or long drives often leave people with lower backaches. Car seats, in general, are not the most comfortable and neither are most office chairs. By using a ring cushion, you can make the experience enjoyable and less painful by alleviating the pressure off the tailbone and adding extra cushioning to the seat. It can also help improve posture by somewhat forcing people to sit straight to make the most of the cushion.

Ring Seat Cushion for Tailbone & Hemorrhoids

Besides those recovering from injuries, people suffering from hemorrhoids can also make use of the MOBB Ring Cushion. New mothers can also greatly benefit from this as it is the ideal solution for those experiencing discomfort post-delivery. The ring cushion distributes the weight to the outer hips and thighs, ensuring the sensitive areas are free from pressure.

The ring cushion by MOBB is made from high-quality foam that provides optimal support to the lower back. It is soft yet firm so that it doesn’t wholly flatten with the bodyweight but gives away enough to comfortable. It removes the pressure from the sensitive areas by acting as a mediator between the seat and a person’s behind.

Washable Sitting Ring Cushion

The MOBB Ring Cushion features a removable and washable cover, making it even more functional. Hygiene is of top priority as sitting on a cushion can get sweaty, and regularly washing the cover keeps it looking and smelling clean and fresh.

If you are looking for extra comfort for long trips, or are recovering from an injury or suffering from pain in the tailbone, the MOBB Ring Cushion is ideal for you.

Donut Seat Cushion Specs

  • Available in two thicknesses – 16” and 18”



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