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MOBB Seat Wedge Cushion

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MOBB Seat Wedge Cushion

The Mobb Seat Wedge Cushion helps to keep your spine in its natural S shape by raising your hips higher than your knees.

Wedge Cushion for Chair Features

  • Ensures a more comfortable seating position
  • Ideal for patients recovering from hip surgery
  • Available in 2 sizes: 16" or 18"

Wedge Seat Benefits

If you are recovering from hip surgery or just want to adjust your posture, the Mobb Seat Wedge Cushion is for you!

Ergonomic back support is essential in keeping your posture straight and relieving chronic strain from your hip joint. Sitting with the legs and back at a 90-degree angle flattens the natural “S” shaped curve of the spine. Escalating pressure on the lumbar disks causes pain and discomfort.

Sitting Wedge that Supports Lumbar Spine

The MOBB Seat Wedge alleviates this problem by facilitating a more open angle between your legs and the lumbar spine. This reduces increased pressure on your spine, making sitting more comfortable for you.

Whether you have back problems or not, the MOBB Seat Wedge Cushion ensures you have a more comfortable seating position. With an added bit of lift, your back and spine will be much more thankful.

Supporting the Lordosis

With continuous efforts put into the design and structural details of the cushion, the Seat Wedge is manufactured meticulously. With your comfort and ergonomic posture kept a priority, the wedge provides the correct angle to keep the spine naturally balanced.

It supports the inward curve or lordosis of the spine by raising the hips higher than the knees. The inclined cushion eases the pressure on the hip joint by rotating the pelvis backward. While the MOBB Seat Wedge Cushion benefits the average person’s lumbar, it is especially ideal for patients recovering from hip surgery.

It keeps the pressure off the hip joint, allowing it to heal effectively.

Versatile Usage

The MOBB Seat Wedge Cushion is not limited in its use. It doesn’t require tricky knots and ties. You can simply place it on a seat to use it. This makes the cushion suitable for a variety of seating arrangements. For example, you can use it on dining chairs, car seats, office chairs, etc.

The cushions come in two sizes – an 18” X 18” and a 16” x 16”. Both have the same depth of 4.5” on the inclined side.

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