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MOBB Sock Horse

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MOBB Sock Horse

There are many products on the market that are designed to help individuals with disabilities, and many of these products are made to make everyday tasks a little bit easier. If you have difficulty bending down to put on your socks, or experience pain when doing so, a sock aid may be a helpful tool for you. One such product is the MOBB sock horse, which is a sock aid tool that helps individuals who have difficulty putting socks on due to limited mobility or dexterity.

The socks helper is made of soft foam and has a long, curved arm that helps users put their socks on with ease. The sock horse can also be used to help easily put on and remove socks, and it can be washed in the washing machine for easy cleaning. The horse also features a comfortable, grippy surface that makes it easy to hold onto, even when your hands are wet.

Sock Assist Device Features

  • Great for pregnant women
  • Won't stretch out your socks
  • Extra-long handle with ribbed thumb grips reduces bending and straining
  • A new concept in sock donning assistance
  • Solid handle for one handed use
  • Double as a shoe horn for convenient one device use
  • Easiest and fastest sock tool on the market
  • Rubber grips are gentle on delicate socks and nylons, sock doesn't have to be stretched
  • Comfortable your skin does not have to touch the plastic

Design and Benefits of Sock Aid Tool

The Sock Horse is a sock assist device that makes it easier to put on socks by providing extra stability and assistance. It is made of soft, durable foam and has a non-slip base that helps keep it in place. Plus, it's easy to clean – just wipe with a damp cloth. This sock aid is a simple device that helps you put your socks on without having to bend over.

Socks helper is a gender-neutral taupe color with clean white grips. However, unlike other sock aids, MOBB Sock horse doesn't stretch out socks, which makes it the perfect choice for those who want their socks to stay up without having to constantly readjust them. This helpful device has gentle grips that keep your sock in place, even on the most delicate fabrics. You can wear your socks and stockings with confidence, knowing that they won't fall off prematurely; they'll only come off when you're ready.

Specifications for MOBB Sock Horse

  • Works with diabetic, regular and OTC 15-20 mmHg compression socks
  • Solid handle for one handed use

Buy MOBB Sock Assist Device

Socks have never been so important. A new device, the MOBB sock assist, is designed to help with back, knee, and hip problems. The MOBB sock assist is a compression sock with a built-in pulley system that helps with decreased flexibility. The device is also helpful for pregnant mothers.

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