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MOBB Soft Grip Grab Bar

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MOBB Soft Grip Grab Bar

MOBB Soft Grip Grab Bar is an easy to install, soft grip grab bar which provides extra stability in the bathtub. 

Shower Grab Bars Features:

  • Provides strong grip even when wet
  • Warmer than standard metal bars
  • Soft with a large diameter makes it easier for arthritic hands
  • Decorative flange cover 
  • 2.5" distance from the wall for easier access
  • Available in two sizes - 18" and 24"
  • Can be placed vertically, horizontally, or diagonally

 If you're looking for a grab bar that provides extra stability and comfort, the Mobb Soft Grip Grab Bar is the way to go.

Bathtub Grab Bars instructions for installation:

  • Locate 2 studs on the wall to screw the grab bar to
  • Use an anchoring device when a stud cannot be located
  • When you've located the center of the studs, confirm by probing with a nail
  • Mark the screw hole locations with a pencil
  • Install using all the supplied screws (if longer screws are needed, be sure to get the same diameter)
  • If installing through tile, use a masonry bit. Make a starter hole so the bit doesn't slide across tile

As people get older or suffer a disorder or injury that prevents them from being able to do daily activities with ease, it then requires them to take the aid of helpful innovations that make their life easier and sustain their independence.

Showering and bathing is one area that can be a recipe for potential injuries. Wet floors are very easy to slip on even with the slightest imbalance in your step. It can lead to serious injuries sustained to the hip joint. Having a strong and comfortable place to hold to sustain balance can be a life-safer.

The MOBB Soft Grip Grab Bar is designed to offer that assistance and support to anyone who needs it. You can place it in all your showers or baths, so getting in and out of them is considerably easier.

This particular product is designed to offer the utmost comfort. The soft grip bar allows you to keep holding the bar without your hand aching or getting stiff. It’s made with the consideration of your security and safety as you get the right start to your day.

Highlighted Features

  • The surface of the MOBB Soft Grip Grab bar is designed to still have friction and remain slip-free even when completely wet, making it perfect to use in showers.
  • The soft material is warmer and much more comfortable compared to standard grab bars.
  • The soft material and larger diameter are much more ergonomic for arthritic patients. The better grab they can have on the bar, the safer they’ll be in a wet bathroom.
  • The decorative flange cover only helps to make the bar aesthetically pleasing.

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