MOBB Stocking Donner -  MOB-MHSD
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MOBB Stocking Donner

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MOBB Stocking Donner

Disability, injury, chronic pains, surgery, and aging bones can prevent people from doing basic daily activities. For simple actions such as dressing themselves every morning, they have to ask a family member or another caregiver for help.

Stocking and hosiery are already quite difficult with full-body mobility. It’s even harder for anyone with medical conditions causing arm, back or leg issues where they can’t comfortably bend forward. The solution making that task easier and in fact, possible, is a stocking donner.

A stocking donner is basically a product that makes putting on stockings easier for those who aren’t very flexible or have movement issues. With the MOBB Stocking Donner, you’ll be able to still have your independence and get ready every morning without needing help from others.

You can use the donner with any kind of hosiery. The middle part of the frame is where you have to attach a compression stocking or sock you want to wear. You can then grab the long handles and slip your foot through the stocking or sock, pulling the Stocking Donner up to put the socks on.

Highlighted Features

  • The material used for construction is designed so it remains lightweight and sturdy to get the stocking on without much effort. This is great for stocking or sock application for people with limited strength and mobility. You can use the product while you’re sitting down, pulling it up to cover your feet and calves.
  • In order to reduce snagging of thin stocking and hosiery, the stocking donner is constructed so it has smooth surfaces.
  • The frame can be used for any type of compression stockings or socks.
  • Handles on the donner feature non-slip pads on the top so you have a strong grip while putting on hosiery.

Having trouble bending over to pull up your socks or stockings? Try the Mobb Stocking Donner!

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