Forearm Crutches

Although underarm crutches are very common, many long term crutch users prefer forearm crutches.  The benefit of forearm crutches are improved comfort, easy to use, improved walking speed, less risk of nerve damage, improved stability on uneven surfaces and easier to walk down stairs.




Airgo Forearm Crutches

$105.00 $89.99

Airgo Forearm Crutches Airgo Forearm Crutches are made from heavy-gauge aluminum tubing. Vinyl coated front opening forearm cuffs Steel handles with plastic grips Extra large rubber crutch tips Adjust both hand grip and cuff height Sizes: Youth...

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Airgo ProCare IC Crutch

$44.85 $35.99

Airgo ProCare IC Crutch The Airgo ProCare IC Crutch are ergonomic crutches with easy push-button adjustment. Features Tool-free height adjustment Crutches are comfortable, lightweight (lighter than wood) and made from anodized aluminum Weight...

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Drive Medical

Drive Medical Steel Forearm Crutches

$98.32 $65.25

Drive Medical Steel Forearm Crutches Features/Benefits Vinyl-coated, ergonomically contoured arm cuffs molded for comfort and stability Leg and forearm sections adjust independently for optimal sizing Vinyl hand grips are comfortable and...

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ProBasics Aluminum Crutches


ProBasics Aluminum Crutches The ProBasics Aluminum Crutches are sturdy lightweight anodized aluminum crutches with push-button height adjustment. Features: Reinforced one-piece center tube provides additional strength to weight-bearing...

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