Walking Aids

Hugo Mobility Adjustable Quad Cane


Quad canes by Hugo are everything you want in a cane and much more. These height adjustable, ebony large base quad canes can accommodate most people between 5' - 6'.5" and are durable, versatile and stylish. The Hugo Quad Cane has a shock absorbing...

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Hugo Mobility Claw Standing Cane Tip


The Standing Claw Cane Tip that fits regular canes! The new & innovative Hugo Claw cane tip is 57% lighter than the QuadPod cane tip. It's innovative design allows your cane to stand by itself! Lets your cane stand on its own! Stability in every...

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Hugo Mobility Quadpod Offset Cane


Product Description An upstanding citizen’s cane. Hugo Quadpod Offset Cane Balance without bulk. That was our goal for creating the QuadPod Offset Cane featuring our innovative Ultra Stable Cane Tip. 54% lighter and 80% more compact than a...

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iWalk Free

iWalk 2.0


iWalk 2.0 Knee Crutch iWALK2.0 - Who knew hands free crutches were a possibility. This revolutionary new product by iWalk-Free has made rehabilitation more comfortable for so many people recovering from foot and ankle injuries.  With traditional...

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Mobb Healthcare

MOBB Push Button Crutches


Push Button Crutches by MOBB Healthcare Pushbutton Crutches is made of lightweight aluminum High density foam rubber grip and underarm support for extra comfort over long term use Height adjustable hand grip Height adjustable via pushbutton Height...

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Nordic Walking & Hiking Poles by Relaxus

$30.87 $28.71

Nordic Walking & Hiking Poles by Relaxus   Relaxus Nordic Walking & Hiking Pole Features: Dual grip option Anti-shock system Telescopic twist & lock system 30 to 53 Aluminum construction Improve joint health, balance  

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Thera Cane


Versatile, deep pressure self-massage for hard-to-reach trigger points and sore spots. Trigger pointshard and painful knots of muscle tissuedevelop as a result of muscular injuries, strains and trauma. Self-massage of trigger points and sore muscles...

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