Neck support

Cervical Collar

A cervical collar is a device, typically made up of a rigid plastic material, that can be used to immobilize the neck and provide support for your head. The collar is often used to prevent spine injuries in case of a fall or other trauma.

Neck Traction Hammock

The neck traction hammock is a device that assists in the treatment of post-traumatic disabilities, cervical pain, and other general neck ailments by applying gentle traction to the cervical spine.

The neck traction hammock comprises an upper frame, shoulder straps, waist straps, and the sling itself.

Bed Buddy

Bed Buddy Body Wrap

$37.00 $29.90

Bed Buddy Body Wrap Are you looking to add a little pampering to your daily routine? Why not try this Bed Buddy Body Wrap! This unique product is made of light, stretchy, comfortable, and breathable fabric that can go around the entire body. It provides...

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Ortho Active

Ortho Active Foam Cervical Collar

$26.00 $19.75

Ortho Active Foam Cervical Collar Ortho Active Foam Cervical Collar provides warmth and mild mechanical restraint to the cervical region. Foam Cervical Collar Features and Benefits Lightweight, medium density foam in a contoured design with both...

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Tynor Cervical Collar Hard Adjustable

$30.00 $24.95

Tynor Cervical Collar Hard Adjustable Cervical Collar Hard (Adjustable) is used for supporting, immobilizing or adjusting the neck in the flexion, extension, or hyperextension position. Recommended where a rigid immobilization of the cervical region...

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