Obusforme Hot and Cold Compress Soft Gel -Extra Large | UPC: 064845155035
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Obusforme Hot and Cold Compress Soft Gel


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Obusforme Hot and Cold Compress Soft Gel

Uncomplicated to use and convenient, The ObusForme Soft Gel Hot & Cold Compress provides reusable soothing relief.

Hot Cold Gel Pack Features

  • VERSATILE AND RESUABLE: In order to achieve continuous relief, the ObusForme Gel Compress can be used as hot or cold per your preference and is reusable.
  • HOT GEL: Muscles are aimed at by the Heated Compress by heating and loosening them up.
  • COLD GEL: The Frozen Compress is adaptable as it is directed at targets muscles that are aching or sore with cool targeted relief.
  • ABOUT OBUSFORME: A premium brand within Homedics’ wellness group; ObusForme specializes in ergonomics, with a passion for producing new products that increase comfort, improve posture, decrease chance of injury, and help in recovery.
  • SIZES:
  • CO-HOT-SG 13.2cm x 25.5cm
  • CO-EXL-SG 28.3cm x 25.2cm

Hot And Cold Compress Soft Gel Can Provide Soothing Relief For The Following Conditions (Not Limited To)

  • Strained/aching muscles.
  • Headaches
  • Neck and back ache
  • Bumps, bruises, and abrasions
  • Minor burns
  • Insect bites
  • Non-toxic gel contents can be frozen or warmed for use when cold or hot therapy is required.

How Does Cold Therapy Work?

Cold therapy is also known as cryotherapy. It works by reducing blood flow to a particular area, which can significantly reduce inflammation and swelling that causes pain, especially around a joint or a tendon. It can temporarily reduce nerve activity, which can also relieve pain.

When Not To Use Cold Therapy?

People with sensory disorders that prevent them from feeling certain sensations should not use cold therapy at home because they may not be able to feel if damage is being done. This includes diabetes, which can result in nerve damage and lessened sensitivity.

How Does Heat Therapy Work?

Heat can be used to increase circulation to tight muscles. Tight muscles have poor blood flow. The blood vessels supply muscles with oxygen and nutrients. Heat dilates (expands) the blood vessels, increasing blood flow which in turn nourishes the muscles, encourages healing and allow muscles to relax.

When Not To Use Heat Therapy?

Heat therapy should utilize “warm” temperatures instead of “hot” ones. If you use heat that is too hot, you can burn the skin. If you have an infection and use heat therapy, there is a chance that the heat therapy could increase the risk of the infection spreading. If you experience increased swelling, stop the treatment immediately.

Origin of Manufacturer

It all started in 1970, when Frank Roberts injured his back while playing tennis. He discovered that many patients had been operated on more than once, without necessarily having their back pain relieved. Enduring discomfort and frustration from his chronic backpain led him to design a portable, brace-like backrest out of fiberglass. It could support the spine in any chair, car seat, or bed. Production started in 1980. It is an ergonomically correct portrayal of the contours of the spine, made of stiff yet resilient polycarbonates and reinforced plastics and upholstered in foam and hypo-allergenic fabric. ObusForme was the name he gave it and his company.
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