ObusForme Memory Fiber Filled Pillow Canada -  OBU-PL-FIB
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ObusForme Memory Fiber Filled Pillow

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ObusForme Memory Fiber Filled Pillow

Reshape the way you sleep with the ObusForme Memory Fiber Pillow! Using all the comfort of a memory foam pillow with the flexibility and coolness of a more traditional pillow, the memory fiber pillow is the best of both worlds. Feel the comfort of a good night’s sleep with a pillow featuring a high thread count and cooling polyester memory fiber.

Memory Fiber Filled Pillow Features

  • MEMORY FOAM-LIKE FEEL: Uses a polyester memory foam-like feel to provide maximum relaxation while increasing the flexibility and coolness of a traditional memory foam pillow.
  • ADAPTABLE SLEEP: Back and side sleepers will find the Memory Fiber Pillow perfect for their needs. It offers the ability to cradle your neck and head for maximum comfort. Switching between the two is made easier by the flexibility of the fibers.
  • COMFORT COVER: The ObusForme Memory Fiber Pillow features a 233 thread count 100% cotton machine washable cover, offering easier cleaning while not diminishing comfort.
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: There are two pillows in a set that come with the ideal firmness.
  • ABOUT OBUSFORME: A premium brand within Homedics’ wellness group; Obusforme specializes in ergonomics, with a passion for producing new products that increase comfort, improve posture, decrease chance of injury, and help in recovery.
  • Made in Canada.
  • Material Care Instructions: Machine Wash

Benefits Of Using A Fiber Filled Pillow?

  • Fiber pillows tend to sleep cooler than memory foam, as they do not retain as much heat. Fiber pillows do not contour to your body like memory foam pillows, and generally offer more support. If you sleep on your side, you will want a thicker, and possibly firmer pillow to support your neck.
  • Everyone sweats at night. That is why it may be beneficial having a fiber pillow as they can easily and readily be washed to maintain a clean and pleasant sleeping environment.
  • Sometimes people prefer to be the one in control as opposed to their pillow being in charge. To have a pillow that is soft, fluffy, malleable, moldable, flexible, and usable in a few different fashions like a Swiss army knife pillow is a plus to many. If that is your preferred style of sleep, a fiber pillow is your best option.

Choosing a pillow is essential to your health. If there is any one thing that affects your overall health above anything else, it is your quality of sleep, so to be finding the right tools for a good night’s sleep every night will serve you well!

Origin of Product

It all started in 1970, when Frank Roberts injured his back while playing tennis. He discovered that many patients had been operated on more than once, without necessarily having their back pain relieved. Enduring discomfort and frustration from his chronic backpain led him to design a portable, brace-like backrest out of fiberglass. It could support the spine in any chair, car seat, or bed. Production started in 1980. It is an ergonomically correct portrayal of the contours of the spine, made of stiff yet resilient polycarbonates and reinforced plastics and upholstered in foam and hypo-allergenic fabric. ObusForme was the name he gave it and his company.
Orthopedic, Brace, Upright, Support, For Me

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