Obusforme Memory Foam Leg Spacer -  OBU-PL-LEG-SP
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Obusforme Memory Foam Leg Spacer

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Obusforme Memory Foam Leg Spacer

Looking for the best pillow for side sleepers can be challenging, especially alongside pain from restless nights. If you sleep on your side, you’re most likely accustomed to discomfort, whether that be waking from shooting pains, being unable to get comfortable, or spending your days with near debilitating muscle pain. Thankfully the Obusforme Memory Foam Leg Spacer helps you sleep undisturbed and relieve the back, knee, and hip pain associated with side sleeping.

Is Memory Foam Leg Spacer Good For Side Sleepers?

This memory foam side sleeper pillow comfortably relieves common aches and spinal problems. Placed between your knees, the pillow separates your legs to create proper alignment for your hips and spine. Because of this, it’s endorsed by The American Chiropractic Association. Without this pillow, you sleep in a position where your knees knock together which causes frequent muscle aches and joint problems. Using a side sleeper pillow can help relieve these tormenting pains and significantly lower your number of chiropractor visits.

Benefits of a Leg Spacer

Don’t worry about the practicality of using a pillow for side sleepers, this memory foam leg pillow is designed to conveniently support your spine. The entire pillow measures 20.3cm long and wide and 26.7cm tall—less than a foot in all three directions. It also weighs a mere 2.18 lbs, meaning it provides secure support without pinning you to your bed. This means you can sleep comfortably and move around in your sleep much more easily than with your average, clumsy head pillow stuffed between the knees. The leg spacer’s compact size also makes it easy to store—fitting in most drawers and closets—or pack for travel. This means that your back, knees, and hips won’t suffer over the holidays because there’s no room to bring your usual, unwieldy pillows to shove between your knees.

The Obusforme Memory Foam Leg Spacer is designed to provide stable support while remaining practical yet comfortable. The pillow has a removable, machine washable jacquard velour cover. It’s soft to the touch so your sensitive skin won’t become aggravated. The cover also provides an easy solution for keeping it fresh after nights of use. Meanwhile, the interior of the pillow is filled with a special thermo-sensitive memory foam receptive to body heat. This means it not only yields to the shape of your knees and legs but uses your natural body heat to activate a contouring process to provide unmatched ergonomic support catered especially for you.

Memory Foam Leg Spacer Features 

  • Ideal for side sleepers and provide proper alignment
  • Endorsed by The American Chiropractic Association
  • Compact: 20.3 x 20.3 x 26.7cm (L x W x H)
  • Light weight: 2.18lbs
  • Machine Washable
  • Thermo-sensitive, molds to body from natural body heat

Company Overview

Obusforme is a global trailblazer in ergonomics and a High-grade brand within HoMedics’ wellness group. Their goal is to provide consumers with products of maximal comfort that improve posture, prevent injury, and facilitate recovery. This leg pillow is designed to bring you the support you need in a comfortable and convenient way so you can focus on conquering each day.

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