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Occupational & Physical Therapy Equipment

Stim Tec

StimTec Plus TENS/EMS Microcurrent Device

$249.95 $199.95

StimTec Plus TENS/EMS Microcurrent Device The StimTec Neo TENS/EMS/IFC/Microcurrent Device is a convenient and versatile device that allows you to use electro-therapy wherever and whenever you need. 40 preset programs to choose from Lock button...

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Stim Tec

StimTec Supreme Silver 2" Electrodes - 4 pack

$16.99 $13.50

StimTec Supreme Silver Electrodes Currently out of stock with supplier. Alternative product here The StimTec Supreme Silver Electrodes can be used with any StimTec TENS and EMS device. Comes with 4 2" square electrodes Silver coated to...

Dr. Ho's

Dr. Ho's Neck Comforter


Dr. Ho's Neck Comforter Dr Ho's Neck Comforter is a comfortable, easy-to-use neck traction device. Designed to allow you to control the traction level you want in response to your pain level, you can use the Neck Comforter as a simple travel...

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Stim Tec

StimTec Target TENS/EMS

$149.00 $109.00

StimTec Target TENS/EMS StimTec Target TENS/EMS is designed to treat chronic muscle pain and massage sore muscles. Flip cover protects any buttons from being accidentally pushed “LOCK” button locks program settings even if the battery is...

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Stim Tec

StimTec TENS Device Replacement AC Adapter

$24.99 $19.95

StimTec TENS Device AC Adapter Replacement AC adapter for the StimTec NEO or StimTec PLUS device. Includes: AC slide-on plug AC power converter USB cord to connect to battery charger Must be used with the battery charger to recharge the...

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TheraBand FlexBar Resistance Bar


TheraBand FlexBar Resistance Bar The TheraBand FlexBar Resistance Bar is a flexible, durable device used to help improve grip strength in the arm, hand and shoulder. It is clinical-research proven to be effective in treating Tennis Elbow and...

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Aircast Ankle Support A60 - Black


Aircast Ankle Support A60  Aircast Ankle Support A60 provides prophylactic support, protection and comfort with simplified application. The design incorporates a stabilizer molded at a 60 degree angle to help guard against ankle sprains and prevent...

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AMG Medical

AMG Medical Spectra 360 Electrode Gel 250g

$8.99 $8.90

AMG Medical Spectra 360 Electrode Gel 250g AMG Medical Spectra 360 Electrode Gel is an electrically conductive gel for all electro-medical procedures. Wets the skin, reducing skin resistance Non-gritty and non-irritating Hypoallergenic Salt-free...

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FitterFirst StretchRITE


FitterFirst StretchRITE The FitterFirst StretchRITE is a great tool for stretching and aiding in rehabilitation. Helps to relieve sore and tight muscles Improves flexibility and range of motion Ideal for legs, upper body, arms, and...

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Performance Health

Hip Kit Complete with 26" Reacher


Hip Kits with 26" Reacher with or without toilet seat The Complete Hip Replacement Kit by Sammons Preston is designed to assist those recovering from hip surgery. Each kit comes in a bag and features 8 of the most common household mobility aids. The...