Electrical Muscle Stimulators

AcuXP Micro Dual Channel Muscle Stimulator


The Hi-Dow-XP Micro is a dual-channel battery operated muscle stimulation system that helps to relieve minor muscle aches and pains. This pocket sized pain fighter is the new and improved version of our popular XPIII unit. The XP Micro offers everything...

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AMG Medical

AMG Medical Spectra 360 Electrode Gel 250g

$8.99 $8.90

AMG Medical Spectra 360 Electrode Gel 250g AMG Medical Spectra 360 Electrode Gel is an electrically conductive gel for all electro-medical procedures. Wets the skin, reducing skin resistance Non-gritty and non-irritating Hypoallergenic Salt-free...

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The Performance US muscle stimulator is recommended for the fitness enthusiast and/or the athlete which engages in frequent competition. It features a total of five programs with five levels of progression to help competitive athletes achieve the highest...

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Empi Lead Wire 40"

$28.95 $24.00

EMPI TENS Lead Wires 40" for Focus, Respond Select, Epix and Empi select TENS lead wires for TENS unit are 40" in length. A coaxial bifurcated lead wire may be attached to a TENS lead wire to allow for the use of four electrodes per lead wire or eight...

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AMG Medical

ProActive Libera Wire Free TENS Device

$79.99 $45.99

ProActive Libera Wire Free TENS Device The ProActive Libera Wire Free TENS Device helps to relieve pain through stimulation or numbing of the nerves. It has 5 stimulation modes with 15 different intensity levels.  Wireless Rechargeable...

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Procarbon Non-Gelled Rubber Electrodes 4/Pkg


For use with TENS & EMS applications. - Economical, reusable- Long lasting- For use with conductive gel and tape??or adhesive tac gel- Available in three popular sizes ?? Cat. No. Size Shape C5005PFC5010PFC5020PF 1" x 1"1.5" x 1.75"1.75" x 4" ...

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Proverta AgF Butterfly Electrodes 1/pkg


PROVERTA - Silver Conductor 1/pkg For use with IFC, Galvanic, High Volt, TENS MENS & EMS applications. - Reusable, self-adhesive, para-vertebral electrodes Flexible and comfortable to wear May be used with hot/cold packs Available in pin (PF) or snap...

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Stim Tec

StimTec Neo TENS/EMS/IFC/Microcurrent Device

$249.95 $199.95

StimTec Neo TENS/EMS/IFC/Microcurrent Device The StimTec Neo TENS/EMS/IFC/Microcurrent Device is a convenient and versatile device that allows you to use electro-therapy wherever and whenever you need. 40 preset programs to choose from Lock...

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