Ortho Active Knee Compression Sleeve

If pain in the knees inhibits your ability to perform, you’ve come to the right place. At any age, it’s incredibly easy to damage your meniscus or ligaments, or in later years circulatory conditions like gout, and arthritis can arise. Saving yourself from the pain and afflictions around your knee is as easy as wearing a compression sleeve. 

They’re comfortable, supportive, help increase blood-flow, and aid in the repair of damaged muscles or other tissue. In some cases, a compression sleeve is used to aid in lymphatic problems, or even to put pressure on wounds to reduce scarring. 
Ortho Active values patient care by aiding you with products that increase your quality of life. Regardless of your need, their products are made from the correct material to bestowing the best healing and comfort experience. 

Sleeve for Knee Benefits

Knee injuries or medical conditions can be the cause of a limitless source of discomfort. To maximize your healing experience, consider trying the Ortho Active Knee Compression Sleeve. The knitted elastic provides a moderate, soothing level of compressionOther knee braces can be incredibly stiff! To remedy this, the Ortho Active Knee compression sleeve features a four-way elastic design, making it incredibly flexibleTo wear this sleeve, it simply slides on and fits in place. The fortified elastic around the knee is meant to provide additional pressure and support while in use. 

Compression Knee Brace Features 

Compression and Support 

With the Ortho Active Knee Compression Sleeve, you can expect to find the support and comfort level you need. When putting on the sleeve you’ll find that your muscles are compressed to a gentle amount, and it’s incredibly snug around the patella. Run, jump, or kick while you’re wearing this sleeve, as it doesn’t inhibit your movements while providing you with the support and pressure that you need. 


Choose the size that keeps you feeling relaxed. The Ortho Active knee support compression sleeve comes in varying sizes, making it a great choice for anyone. Simply measure the circumference of your leg and compare it to the sizing chart below.  


Avoid itching and rashes! The inside and outside of this compression sleeve are woven with a blend of a soft cotton and elastic. The material choice should provide you with enough flexible comfort that it doesn’t cause any chafing or discomfort during your daily activities. The four-way woven pattern is designed to allow the material to stretch in any direction, making it easy for you to move in any direction. 

Knee Compression Sizes


Halo Healthcare offers a wide range of knee braces in Canada and US so you can decide which one is best for you.