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Orthopedic Products

Halo Healthcare provides orthopedic and surgical support products to patients and caregivers. Halo Healthcare carries braces, splints and support to take care of your kneeselbowswristsback or any other part of the body that can use extra support. Whether your are recovering from a sports injury, maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a chronic ailment, or simply using these products to prevent further problems and increase comfort, we can meet your needs.

Ortho Active

Ortho Active 303 Intercept Heel Cushions


Intercept Heel Cushions This gel heel cushion was designed to reduce heel pain and Achilles problems. The pad absorbs shock in the heel to reduce irritation in the heel and Achilles tendon. Also, it has some raise to lift the heel and shorten the...

Ortho Active

Ortho Active 304 Intercept Heel Spur Pads

$29.99 $24.90

Intercept Heel Spur Pads Designed for varying degrees of heel spurs. Can be used for minor to moderate heel spurs. The raised edges (on bottom) support the heel and allow normal walking as it lifts the foot off of the spur. The hollowing also cushions...

Ortho Active

Ortho Active 3193 Active CT Lacer Wrist Support


Active CT Lacer???? The new Active CT Lacer??is the ideal choice for most patients. With an easy-to-use Velcro closure lacing system, the brace may be easily donned with one simple motion. The lacing system is designed so that the proximal and distal...

Ortho Active

Ortho Active 32 Hinged Knee Brace


Hinged Knee Brace A knee brace is designed to provide realignment and protection to an injured knee joint. This is achieved by using the brace to minimize the buildup of pressure on the affected area. In this way, a hinged knee brace can help prevent...

Ortho Active

Ortho Active 3250 Lumbosacral Back Support


SPINE Bracing Program The S.P.I.N.E. Program was created for all medical practitioners that see or treat low back pain. Its the program for the first line of defense, by giving (mechanical) pain relief and control immediately to the patient. Features and...

Ortho Active

Ortho Active 50 Calf Sleeve


Ortho Active Calf Sleeve | Compression Sleeve A calf sleeve is designed for improving blood circulation in your legs, along with preventing any injuries or fatigue that may occur due to the muscle vibrations that are created during a workout or some...

Ortho Active

Ortho Active 54 Thigh Wrap


Ortho Active 54 Thigh Wrap | Compression Wrap A groin wrap is crucial when it comes to providing support to the tendons and muscles that are located around the groin area, including one’s hamstring and quad. The Neoprene thigh/groin wrap has been...

Ortho Active

Ortho Active 6040 Lumbosacral Lace Low Back Support


MAC - Mechanical Advantage Corset Provides unmatched comfort, control and support. Adjusts with the pull of one hand in one second and has up to 6 of closure. This corsets posterior spine elements curve to fit the body and its custom designed mesh over...

Ortho Active

Ortho Active 83 Adult's Flexible Arch Supports

$29.90 $21.99

Flexible Arch Support This is a latex molded, flexible foot orthotic, for moderate support of the metatarsal and longitudinal arches of the foot. This economical product is ideal for those seeking comfort and some mild arch support. Size Mens Womens Size...

Ortho Active

Ortho Active 92 Wrist/Thumb Stabilizer with Double Steel

$57.99 $40.50

Ortho Active 92 Wrist / Thumb Stabilizer Brace with Double Steel  A wrist and thumb stabilizer is the ideal choice if you have a working splint or experience pain or discomfort while carrying out normal everyday activities. Using the Ortho Active...

Ortho Active

Ortho Active 97A Contoured Wrist Stabilizer

$33.99 $27.99

Ortho Active 97A Contoured Wrist Stabilizer Brace A wrist brace provides a protective role in various activities where the wrists are put through stressful situations such as weight lifting or other labor-extensive activities. In such circumstances, the...

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Ortho Active

Ortho Active Ankle Volt


  Discontinued The Active Ankle Volt ankle brace is engineered to include the latest carbon fiber technology. The polypropylene shell is reinforced with carbon fiber the same high-performance material used in racing cars and bicycles. It also...

Ortho Active

Ortho Active Bort SellaFix MCP Stabilizer

$85.99 $74.99

SellaFix MCP Stabilizer A rigid plastic orthosis for stabillizing the MCP joint while allowing full freedom of movement at the wrist in the case of strains and sprains. Lightweight and simple to mold and cut. Indications:??Sprains and strains, Skiers...

Ortho Active

Ortho Active HL Adjust-A-Heel Lift

$27.99 $21.99

Ortho Active HL Adjust-A-Heel Lift The Adjust A Heel Lift is ideal for treating a variety of symptoms that result due to leg length inequality. The heel lift is made from three separate 1/8 inch layers, which you can effortlessly peel off to adjust...

Ortho Active

Ortho Active SI Strap


SI Strap?? The Active Sacro-Iliac Strap is designed to provide compression and stability to the sacro-iliac joints in a comfortable low profile design. Multiple levels of compression allow for easy adjustability according to patient needs. This 3 wide...

Ortho Active

Ortho Active Standard Double Stay Wrist Stabilizer


Double Stay Wrist Support Our most economical double stay wrist brace. To stabilize weak unstable wrists and generate warmth (neoprene) to stimulate circulation. Aluminum stays hold wrist in neutral, cock-up position for proper healing. Adjustable thumb...