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Orthopedic Products

Halo Healthcare provides orthopedic and surgical support products to patients and caregivers. Halo Healthcare carries braces, splints and support to take care of your kneeselbowswristsback or any other part of the body that can use extra support. Whether your are recovering from a sports injury, maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a chronic ailment, or simply using these products to prevent further problems and increase comfort, we can meet your needs.


Ossur FormFit Foam Ankle Brace

$84.02 $79.90

Ossur FormFit Foam Ankle Brace The Ossur FormFit Foam Ankle Brace is an ideal garment to be worn around your ankle for immobilization, and to protect it while allowing it to heal from minor injuries such as a sprain. This product also provides...

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Ossur FormFit Honeycomb Ankle Stirrup


Ossur FormFit Honeycomb Ankle Stirrup Ossur’s FormFit Honeycomb is a high-quality ankle stirrup brace that is comfortable and supportive. The ankle stirrup brace is ideal for providing support and comfort through effective compression to someone...

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Ossur Formfit Pro Ankle Sleeve

$86.74 $79.90

Ossur Formfit Pro Ankle Sleeve The Ossur FormFit Pro Ankle Sleeve is a high-quality compressive ankle sleeve designed to help people who need support in their ankle region. A lot of people suffer from mild ankle injuries due to a number of reasons...

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Ossur FormFit Tennis Elbow Brace

$38.96 $28.99

Ossur FormFit Tennis Elbow Brace As the name suggests, the Ossur FormFit Tennis Elbow Brace helps reduce tennis elbow discomfort and pain. It is shaped ergonomically to provide immense support and comfort. It also effectively relieves pain caused by...

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Ossur Premium Elastic Knee Support

$59.99 $54.99

Ossur Premium Elastic Knee Support An elastic knee support is an ideal product for individuals looking to sustain their previous injuries and to prevent any future ones from occurring. While a serious knee injury accident such as a severe tear in the...

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Ossur Shoulder Brace Accessories


Ossur Shoulder Brace Accessories The Ossur Shoulder Brace Accessories are designed exclusively for the Ossur FormFit Shoulder Brace. The shoulder brace by Ossur is designed to provide you with versatility, comfort, and convenience to have...

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Ossur Tennis Elbow Support with Hot & Cold Gel

$32.99 $29.00

Ossur Tennis Elbow Support with Hot & Cold Gel This tennis elbow support offers alternating cold and hot therapy that can speed up the healing and recovery process. Tennis elbow is a self-limiting problem that takes weeks or months to heal since the...

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Ottobock Rhizo Forsa Thumb Support


Ottobock Rhizo Forsa The??Ottobock Rhizo Forsa??offers extra high stability for thumb that needs supporting by stabilising the Metacarpophalangeal joint. Using innovative design, the??Ottobock Rhizo Forsa??thumb support is of superior comfort to wear...


Pedifix Visco Gel Bunion Guard

$11.95 $10.99

Pedifix Visco Gel Bunion Guard The Pedifix Visco Gel Bunion Guard helps protect your big toe joint when wearing shoes. Prevents shoe pressure and friction Contains aloe, mineral oil, and vitamin E to soothe skin Soft and flexible, fits in most...

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Pedors Stretch Walker


The Stretch Walker is designed for use with swollen feet, tall feet, hammertoes, bunions, and can also be used with braces. Has removable insoles to provide more room Hammertoe stretch panel Unisex

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Polyfoam Toe Caps


PolyFoam Toe Caps feature a nylon cover that slips onto the toe to provide complete protection. Eases most toe discomforts, including corns and ingrown nails. Padded toe tip provides extra cushioning. Nylon lining adds extra durability and reduces...

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Polyfoam Toe Combs


Polyfoam™ Toe Comb Cushions are worn on top or underneath toes to relieve pressure and friction. Use to treat fungus infection. Soft polyfoam.The combs divide, cushion and protect irritated or crooked toes 12/pk.

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Posey Foot Guard


Posey Foot-Guard RECOMMENDED USE:??Patients requiring foot positioning or at risk for toe ulcers.The Posey Foot Guard helps prevent foot-drop. Soft synthetic fur liner offers increased comfort. Easy to adjust T-bar stabilizer helps hold the footin...

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FLA Orthopedics

Premium Surgical Abdominal Binders, Paneled


Premium Surgical Abdominal Binders, Paneled??Series 34-630X (3-Panel 9")?? Elastic construction with a simulated hinged stitch for a conformed, tapered fit. Hook compatible exterior for a wider range of adjustability and easy application; plush lining...

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Procare Achilles Wedge


ProCare Achilles Wedge ProCare by DJO Achilles Wedge is 4" Neoprene padded foam wedge that fits into most closed heel walkers. Each section is ¾" in height and may be "peeled-away" during Achilles Tendon rehab. Ideal for Achilles...

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